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  • 15 | 05 Copper Development Association Pays Tribute to the Late Mark Tur Mark Tur, a highly respected copper technology expert, died suddenly last month while on holiday. Here, CDA’s Director, Angela Vessey, pays tribute to him and his work.
  • 24 | 04 Marine Alloys: Pick ‘n Mix Technical Workshops Two leading trade associations have combined forces to offer tailored in-house technical workshops to those needing to better understand the behaviour of copper-based alloys, stainless steels and nickel alloys in marine environments.
  • 01 | 09 2018 Copper Education Competition Launched The 2018 Uncover Copper competition has launched, inviting UK students aged 11–16 to explore copper's essential role in our present and future to win great prizes for themselves and their schools.
  • 01 | 06 Strong Corrosion Performance of Copper Alloys Highlighted at Marine Conference CDA will make an invited presentation—Metals in Marine Environments: Corrosion Behaviour and How to Spot It—to the International Institute of Marine Surveying at this year’s Seawork International Show and Conference, with a focus on the strong contribution copper alloys can make to marine engineering.
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Copper is essential for modern living. It delivers electricity and clean water into our homes and cities and makes an important contribution to sustainable development. More than that, it is essential for life itself.

The content on this website provides information to all stakeholders interested in the application of copper and copper alloys—copper users, professionals, policy makers, journalists and students. The platform contains the latest information on the uses of copper and its alloys, along with the benefits provided in the main areas of application.
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