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    12 | 04
    Copper Alloys 2018 Copper Alloys 2018 is a new conference that will provide an opportunity for information exchange on challenges and developments impacting the copper industry in the 21st Century.
  • 23 | 01 The 100th Copper in Design Newsletter Now Available The 100th Copper in Design Newsletter from European Copper Institute is out, packed with the latest and greatest uses of copper and its alloys in architecture and design.
  • 27 | 11 Copper in Architecture Awards Winner Announced The results of the 2017 European Copper in Architecture Awards 18 have been announced.
  • 21 | 11 Copper-nickel Alloys for Marine Environments Webcast CPD-accredited webcast providing an overview of the properties and applications of copper-nickel alloys in marine environments. Approved for Continuing Professional Development by the Institute of Materials, Metals and Mining. (50 minutes).
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A World of Copper

Copper is essential for modern living. It delivers electricity and clean water into our homes and cities and makes an important contribution to sustainable development. More than that, it is essential for life itself.

The content on this website provides information to all stakeholders interested in the application of copper and copper alloys—copper users, professionals, policy makers, journalists and students. The platform contains the latest information on the uses of copper and its alloys, along with the benefits provided in the main areas of application.
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