Inspiring architects with copper's sustainable contributions to the building construction market.
Copper in architecture

Buildings covered with copper can be admired for decades and even centuries.

There are many examples of historical buildings, palaces and churches all over Europe with their green copper roofs and gutters proving copper to be both beautiful and durable.

Contemporary architecture also benefits from copper, because it complements commonly-used materials such as brick, wood, stone and glass and can be used for buildings with traditional or modern styles. In addition, copper meets the important requirements of state-of-the-art building design, which demands recyclable and sustainable materials. In existing legislative framework, the production and use of copper products generally safeguards the environment and citizens of Europe, where about 45% of copper demand is met using recycled resources. 

Copper is a beautiful material: no other metal, except gold, has a colour; when exposed to the environment its shiny red becomes brown and then progresses to its distinctive green patina. Industry is now able to provide pre-oxidised and pre-patinated sheets to architects, who appreciate the availability of forms (solid sheet and strip, punched, meshed and more) and their ability to be easily shaped.

Copper alloys have entered modern architecture in the last few decades; bronzes, brasses  and copper-aluminium are increasingly used for buildings, especially for facades, thanks to their appealing look and their long life.

Copper, and copper alloys, give performance, durability (100+ years), a range of colours, forms and textures, all in a natural, 100% recyclable material.
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Pub 156 Copper Roofing - In Detail

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