Uncover Copper Competition

Are you a student based in the UK aged 11–16? Would you like the chance to win £100 (plus £500 for your school) by exploring copper’s essential role in our present and future? Read on! 

Copper surrounds us. It’s in our phones and tablets, the walls of our houses, our hospitals and even inside our bodies, but we rarely notice it. This competition calls on students to uncover copper, seeking it out in buildings, health and medicine, and new applications in renewable energy and sustainable transport systems.

How to take part

Choose one of the three categories and design an A3 poster that answers the questions with a scientific focus, exploring the red metal’s applications and the chemical, physical and mechanical properties behind its use. 

  • Building Services: Where is copper used in our homes and schools? Think wiring and home automation, plumbing and sprinkler systems. Which properties of copper make it uniquely suited to these applications?
  • Health and Medicine: How is copper used in our bodies and in healthcare? Think dietary needs, hygienic touch surfaces and MRI machines. Why is copper essential for our health?
  • Renewable Energy and Transport: What contribution is copper making to a greener future? Think wind turbines, photovoltaics, solar thermal, wave and tidal. Think electric vehicles. What properties of copper make it beneficial in these applications?

Post your entry to: Uncover Copper Competition, Copper Development Association, 5 Grovelands Business Centre, Boundary Way, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP2 7TE.

Or email your entry as a PDF to: marleine.williams@copperalliance.org.uk.

The deadline is 25 May 2018. Winners will be announced in June.

Make sure you include: Your name, age and school year. Your school’s name and address. Your teacher’s name and email address. There are two age categories, 11–14 (Years 7­–9) and 14–16 (Years 10 and 11), so it’s especially important you include your age and year.

What the judges will be looking for

  • A good scientific understanding of copper and the properties behind its use in your chosen field.
  • Originality in the applications you find in your chosen field—can you find other places where copper is used?
  • A clear and creative layout that makes your poster easy and fun to read.

What you can win

First place in each category for each age group will win £100 plus £500 for their school. Second place in each category and age group will win £50 plus £250 for their school. Special awards may be given to posters that stand out from the rest, for their content or presentation. Schools with multiple winners will receive one prize (according to their highest-placed winner).

2018 Uncover Copper Competition

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