"European Copper Institute (ECI) is ready to support all REACH copper registrants"

June 20th, 2013 Update 

ECI acts as the secretariat for the REACH Copper Consortium which has 40 members (representing multiple affiliates) across the European mining, production (smelting and refining) and semi-fabricated product sectors.

In November 2010, prior to the > 1,000T deadline, the relevant Lead Registrants within the ECI-managed REACH Copper Consortium successfully submitted joint submissions dossiers for copper, final slags and the twelve intermediates within the scope.

After extensive efforts by ECI and its Consortium member experts, all members received IUCLID format registration dossiers, plus step-by-step submission guidance.  Each dossier included a Chemical Safety Report, containing 'identified uses' and 'user descriptor codes', recommendations for risk management actions and proposals for Classification and Labelling.

On January 28th 2013, with ECI's support, the Lead Registrant submitted an update of the effects part of the joint dossier for copper to ECHA.

ECI will continue to use their website to make all potential REACH registrants aware of the capabilities and services on offer. Letters of Access are available to support companies with their registration obligations. The 100 – 1,000T deadline expired on May 31st 2013. The deadline for the remaining tonnage band of 1 – 100T is May 31st 2018.

The Terms and Conditions, plus fees, for Letters of Access are available through the right hand menu button. Summaries of the latest classification and labelling proposals are also available. 

While the provision of safety data sheets, down the value chain, is the responsibility of individual producers, ECI's Consortium provides important, generic guidance on copper exposure scenarios to the downstream user community.

How the Consortium applied the principles of REACH to the copper value chain

The REACH regulation requires value chains to distinguish between different categories of materials. Click here to see how the ECI Consortiums separate those for copper into natural raw materials, substances, preparations and articles.

What products were covered by ECI's Consortium ?

Primary and secondary copper metal; slags from copper production, sold as a final product; plus a well defined series of by-products (intermediates) coming out of the smelting/refining and semi-fabrication processes.

Click here to view the Consortium's position on recovered materials.

Further information on the broad principles behind REACH, plus access to other
metal consortia, can be obtained through the Eurometaux Gateway.
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