The European copper industry’s products will contribute towards sustainable economic growth within the EU, as well as enhance the quality of the everyday lives of its citizens.

In this section, you can read about the industry's voluntary initiatives on sustainability, its proactive efforts with regard to environmental protection and the health and safety of its workers, plus its studies on the environmental impacts of using, and then recycling, copper products.

Copper Voluntary Risk Assessment

This comprehensive assessment, completed by the copper industry in 2008, covers the production, use and end-of life aspects of the copper value chain. It shows that the existing legislative framework generally safeguards Europe’s environment, the health of industry workers and the general public.

Following extensive review, the risk assessment was agreed by the European Commission’s Technical Committee for New and Existing Substances. The Commission’s Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risk (SCHER) also performed an evaluation and further endorsed the conclusions on the environmental and human health risk characterisations.

In March 2009, the conclusions of this initiative were endorsed by the EU authorities and the Copper Voluntary Risk Assessment was the first industry report published on the website of the European Chemical Agency (ECHA).  Read more.

Publishing of the Environmental Profile of Copper Products, through a 'Cradle-to-Grave' Life Cycle Assessment

Improving the environmental performance of products, along with enhancing sustainability throughout the supply chain, has gained significantly in importance in recent years, both for consumers and industries.

In parallel, EU initiatives, such as the Sustainable Consumption and Production Action Plan, foster greater resource efficiency and innovation in more environmentally-friendly products.

Responding to requests from end-users and regulators, along with the industry’s own sustainable development goals, the copper industry has, since 2000, completed increasingly rigorous life cycle assessments (LCA) on the production of the main semi-finished copper products (tube, wire and sheet).  Read more.

President of the European Parliament, Jerzy Buzek, at ECI's 'Copper, essential for everyone' exhibition and policy debate organised in June 2010 in Brussels.
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