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3rd Symposium on Materials and Products in Contact with Drinking Water

Avenue du Port 86C, 3000 1000, Brussels, Belgium
18 | 05 | 17
Water industry and producers of materials and products that come in contact with drinking water are still waiting for a consistent and coherent European framework which properly addresses article 10 of the Drinking Water Directive (98/83 EC). All stakeholders are looking for an approach that creates certainty that materials and products offered the European market are not only “fit for purpose” in technical terms but also provide the hygienic safety needed to protect consumers’ health, during the whole lifetime of the products and materials in the process of water supply.

This year’s symposium aims to present and discuss the main developments, initiatives and achievements of the last year´s activities related to Article 10 Drinking Water Directive within the remit of DG Environment and DG Growth.

Several presentations have particular relevance to copper:

Update on the 4 MS procedure – How can the 4 MS-initiative support the revision of article 10, DWD?
B. Mendel (Federal Ministry of Health, Germany).

Outcomes of the study on materials and products in contact with drinking water
I. Naismith (Consultant to EC DG Environment)

Evaluation and revision of the Drinking Water Directive: state of play, next steps, impact assessment of policy option on materials and products in contact with drinking water
T. Biermann (EC DG Environment)

Underlying principles for the new CEN mandates for products coming in contact with drinking water
M. Fuchs (EC DG Growth)

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