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30 | 06 | 16
Copper: Your Ally in Operation Bikini
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Summer is here and with it, good weather, long hours of sunshine and, as every year, Operation Bikini. It’s the perfect time to play sport, watch our eating habits and try new things, isn’t it?

However, both your health and your mood can suffer from the effects of changing your routine, the stress of preparing your holiday or overexposure to the sun. To combat this, what could be better than copper, your greatest ally this summer, mainly through something as basic as a healthy diet?

Although copper is not as well-known as iron for its beneficial effects on health, it is a trace element vital for the body to work properly and, as shown below, it is essential for a healthy and balanced diet. Quite apart from its antioxidising properties, this article reveals the effects of copper on beauty, nutrition and health.

Natural Sun Protection and Flawless Skin

Do you know how copper affects your appearance? In a way you would never imagine. Copper helps increase the body’s melanin levels and is also responsible for controlling lysyl oxidase, an enzyme that controls collagen and elastin production, both of which contribute to caring for our skin and keeping it in good condition.

Copper: your ally in Operation Bikini
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Melanin naturally protects our body from the sun. This makes it particularly important during the spring and summer months, when ultraviolet rays are at their strongest. A balanced, copper-rich diet helps produce this pigment, which is essential for our skin. This, in combination with an adequate sunscreen and avoiding overexposure to the sun, will ensure an attractive skin tone and healthy skin throughout the summer.

Having a smooth and elastic skin is also a sign of health. Copper plays an important role in the formation of collagen and elastin, which are responsible for keeping our skin flawless by reducing the appearance of stretch marks or expression lines. So copper has become essential in organic skincare and anti-wrinkle treatments.

Oily or acne-prone skin can also benefit from copper, as its effects go beyond aesthetics and contribute towards healthy skin, speeding up the healing of wounds and helping remove marks and blemishes more quickly.

Copper, for a Healthier Operation Bikini

These days, concern for a healthy diet no longer depends on the time of year, and we are becoming increasingly aware of how important it is to maintain healthy eating habits even when on holiday. Now that we know we need macronutrients on a daily basis, it’s time to see what role micronutrients, including copper, play in our diet.

Copper is present in many more foods than people think, so we’re probably already including it in our diets without even realising it. Cereals, seeds, pulses and nuts such as walnuts and cashew nuts are rich in the mineral. Copper can also be found in fruit, meat, fish and seafood, especially liver and oysters.

You can even occasionally allow yourself a special treat that is also healthy: three ounces of dark chocolate, or a glass of white wine a day help provide our bodies with copper. Healthy and delicious!

According to the World Health Organization, a balanced diet must include at least 1 milligram of copper per day to prevent copper deficiency-related problems. Similarly, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) recommends a daily intake of 1.3 milligrams of copper for adults and 1.5 milligrams for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

An Ally Against Stress and Fatigue

Adequate copper intake helps prevent relatively common health problems such as anaemia (as it increases iron absorption and transport), cell oxidation, high blood pressure or frequent colds and flu. Copper is also a key ally for healthy bones and teeth.

In addition, copper is particularly important for pregnant women, the development of embryos and child growth. In fact, it contributes towards the development of the brain and the nervous system, and ensures that, throughout our lives, the immune system works properly. The heart is another vital organ that benefits from copper, as it increases the elasticity of arteries, helping us maintain healthy blood pressure.

All these benefits of copper help our bodies – and our minds – better withstand stress and fatigue, which can strike even when on holiday.
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