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    15 | 01 | 16
    The International Copper and the Home 2016 Design Competition Launches
    architecture, aesthetic, inspiration, art, design, competition
    The 2016 Copper and the Home Design Competition has launched, with prizes up to €4,000 to be won.
    11 | 09 | 13
    London Hosts Copper in a Box
    Interior design, Art
    art, artists, design
    From 18th – 21st September, 100% Design, will host the Copper in a Box exhibition as part of London Design Week
    05 | 06 | 13
    From Plumbing to Home Decoration: DIY Design With Copper
    Pipe systems
    art, design
    Much-loved by the greatest designers, copper is also attracting the attention of DIY decoration enthusiasts.
    07 | 03 | 13
    International Copper Exhibition Comes to London
    Interior design
    art, design
    From 18th – 31st September, the UK’s largest design trade event, 100% Design, will host the Copper in a Box exhibition as part of London Design Week.
    17 | 01 | 13
    French ‘Prohibition Kit’ Wins Copper and the Home 2012
    Interior design
    art, awards, design
    First prize in the international Copper and the Home 2012 design competition has been awarded to Francesco Morackini of France for his project: Prohibition Kit.
    12 | 12 | 12
    Everyday Objects Reinvented Using Copper
    Interior design
    art, design
    Always on the lookout for new, helpful innovations for users, industrial designers are turning to copper to transform and perfect the most familiar of objects.
    14 | 06 | 12
    Copper Harmonises Uffizi Gallery’s New Staircase with the Renaissance Style of the World’s First Public Art Gallery
    Interior design
    art, design
    In order to match the Renaissance aesthetics, the architect Adolfo Natalini chose copper for the structural element of the staircase.
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