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    24 | 04 | 18
    Marine Alloys: Pick ‘n Mix Technical Workshops
    alloys, copper-nickel, corrosion
    Two leading trade associations have combined forces to offer tailored in-house technical workshops to those needing to better understand the behaviour of copper-based alloys, stainless steels and nickel alloys in marine environments.
    14 | 06 | 16
    Alloys in the Marine Environment CPD Launched
    engineer, seawater, copper-nickel
    CDA is offering free CPD-accredited technical seminars to provide engineers with a unique opportunity to overview the behaviour of copper-based alloys, stainless steels and nickel alloys in the marine environment.
    07 | 03 | 16
    Copper Alloys in Seawater: New Publication Launched
    engineer, corrosion, marine, copper-nickel
    A new technical publication has launched this week at NACE’s Corrosion 2016: ‘Copper Alloys in Seawater: Avoidance of Corrosion Problems’, by Roger Francis.
    03 | 02 | 16
    Knowledge Exchange on Copper Alloys at Corrosion 2016
    alloys, copper-nickel, corrosion, marine
    Copper Alliance will be exhibiting at Booth 539 of NACE International’s Corrosion 2016 – offering information and knowledge exchange on copper alloys – and participating in Technical Exchange Group TEG 523X Marine Corrosion of Copper Alloys.
    06 | 01 | 15
    New Videos Provide Welder Training in Copper-Nickel
    Copper Development Association is offering a series of training videos showing the welding of copper-nickel alloys.
    05 | 08 | 14
    Key Marine Engineering Publication Made More Accessible
    copper-nickel, seawater, marine
    Recognising the importance of a European Federation of Corrosion publication containing information on copper alloys and other metals, its publisher will be offering it at the new price of £30.
    16 | 03 | 10
    Essential Copper Alloy Reference for Engineers
    alloys, copper-nickel, offshore, offshore renewables, seawater
    A brand new publication launched at the NACE International conference a comprehensive overview of copper alloys and their corrosion behaviour.
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