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    19 | 11 | 15
    Trollbeads House in Copenhagen Wins the European Copper in Architecture Awards 17
    architecture, EU, competition, alloys, awards
    The winner of the 17th Copper in Architecture Awards has been announced with an accompanying social media campaign.
    05 | 01 | 15
    Architectural Design Awards Launched
    architecture, EU, beautiful, awards, design
    Entries are now invited for the 2015 European Copper in Architecture Awards 17.
    01 | 10 | 14
    First Copper Upcycling Contest Launched #upcopper
    Art, Interior design
    bronze, decorators, design, aesthetic, EU, brass, recyclable , alloys, competition, durability, creative, public
    The international Copper Upcycling Contest is calling for entries, with the brief of creating an upcycled household item made of copper or a copper alloy.
    18 | 11 | 13
    The European Commission Awards €3.3 Million for Ultraconductive Copper Development
    Energy and renewables
    conductive, conductivity , energy efficiency, EU, sustainability , value
    The “Ultrawire” project aims to produce a material that will conduct electricity better than any known electrical conductor.
    25 | 09 | 13
    Copper Brings New Technologies to Life
    applications, EU, inspiration, society , sustainability , value
    Innovations with copper can make products and services more energy and cost efficient, while minimising their environmental impact.
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