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    15 | 01 | 16
    The International Copper and the Home 2016 Design Competition Launches
    architecture, aesthetic, inspiration, art, design, competition
    The 2016 Copper and the Home Design Competition has launched, with prizes up to €4,000 to be won.
    06 | 02 | 14
    Copper Awards to be Showcased at International Convention of Architecture
    awards, inspiration
    The European Copper in Architecture Awards are set to feature at the 11th International Convention of Architecture.
    29 | 01 | 14
    Interior Architecture: Show Off Your Copper Pipes!
    Interior design, Architecture
    aesthetic, appealing, beautiful, colourful, decorators, design, designer, home, inspiration, pipework, plumbing
    Copper pipes are now coming into the open thanks to the influence of industrial design.
    19 | 11 | 13
    Copper Design Competition Launched
    Interior design
    design, inspiration, alloys, awards
    Copper and the Home 2014 – the latest iteration of a well-established design competition – has launched.
    25 | 09 | 13
    Copper Brings New Technologies to Life
    applications, EU, inspiration, society , sustainability , value
    Innovations with copper can make products and services more energy and cost efficient, while minimising their environmental impact.
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