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    01 | 12 | 11
    A Copper-coloured Christmas
    Interior design
    With the return to raw materials and the advent of industrial style decor, copper has carved out an excellent position for itself on the contemporary design scene.
    24 | 11 | 11
    Copper Key in New Paralympic Medals
    Design and manufacture
    The medals for the London 2012 Paralympic Games will be made in Britain and were designed by Lin Cheung. Each medal also has a common feature: copper.
    12 | 10 | 11
    First Hospital in France Installs Antimicrobial Copper Touch Surfaces to Combat HCAIs
    antimicrobial, hospital, installation, touch surface
    The Centre hospitalier de Rambouillet, in the Parisian region, is the first hospital in France to install antimicrobial copper touch surfaces.
    03 | 10 | 11
    Manufacturer Launches Antimicrobial Copper Tap Range
    antimicrobial, touch surface
    A UK manufacturer is to launch the world’s first range of antimicrobial copper taps for the healthcare market in early 2012.
    03 | 10 | 11
    Europe’s First Antimicrobial Copper Coil Air Handling Unit Launched
    Air conditioning
    air quality, antimicrobial
    The first Antimicrobial Copper coil air handling unit has been produced in Europe by French manufacturer Hydronic.
    28 | 09 | 11
    Copper Bedrails Stay Cleaner Longer
    antimicrobial, clinical trial, touch surface
    Research results demonstrate that hospital bedrails made of copper have fewer contaminants and remain clean longer than plastic bed rails.
    27 | 09 | 11
    European Architectural Awards Winners Announced
    architecture, awards
    Winners of the European Copper in Architecture Awards 15 were announced at a presentation ceremony in Brussels on 27th September.
    19 | 07 | 11
    Chilean Subway Protected with Antimicrobial Copper
    antimicrobial, installation, touch surface, transport
    Copper’s well-known antimicrobial properties are being harnessed by subway stations in Chile, where handrails made from a copper alloy have been installed.
    13 | 07 | 11
    New Aquaculture Technology Deployed in Turkey to Combat Difficult Weather Conditions and Biofouling Issues
    fish farming cages
    This summer, the Dardanelles Strait became the first European site to install innovative copper alloy aquaculture cages.
    13 | 07 | 11
    Free Technical Publication Helps Engineers Capitalise on Copper Alloys in Marine Environments
    alloys, marine, seawater
    A new technical publication from Copper Development Association – Copper Alloys for Marine Environments – provides guidance for engineers.
    01 | 07 | 11
    Antimicrobial Copper Pens Tested in CCUs Less Contaminated
    antimicrobial, clinical trial
    A clinical study has demonstrated that antimicrobial copper pens used in critical care units had significantly fewer microbes on them.
    01 | 07 | 11
    Research Proves Antimicrobial Copper Reduces the Risk of Infections by more than 40%
    antimicrobial, clinical trial, touch surface
    Early results from a US multi-site clinical trial demonstrate the use of antimicrobial copper surfaces in ICU rooms resulted in a 40.4% reduction in the risk of acquiring an infection.
    24 | 06 | 11
    £1m Intensive Care Unit Installs Copper Surfaces to Combat Healthcare Associated Infections
    antimicrobial, hospital, installation, touch surface
    A £1 million, eight-bed ICU designed with cutting-edge infection prevention measures has opened in Manchester, taking advantage of copper’s antimicrobial efficacy.
    24 | 06 | 11
    The Performance of Antimicrobial Copper, the Look of Stainless Steel
    alloys, antimicrobial
    Allgood is the first to launch an Antimicrobial Copper range of door furniture and bathroom fittings that offers the antimicrobial efficacy of copper and the aesthetic of stainless steel.
    16 | 05 | 11
    Copper’s Key Role in Infection Control and Preventing the Spread of Antibiotic-resistant Microbes
    antimicrobial, research, touch surface
    Copper’s important role in infection control and halting the spread of antibiotic-resistant organisms will be highlighted by two globally-renowned researchers.
    28 | 04 | 11
    Percentage of Copper Recycled in Europe Continues to Grow
    The latest annual report published by the International Copper Study Group announced a record high proportion of recycled copper in Europe (Russia included) in 2009.
    04 | 04 | 11
    Antibiotic-Resistant Germs Eliminated by Copper in Live Global Broadcast
    antimicrobial, research
    Today, a live broadcast from the University of Southampton in the UK highlighted copper’s role in reducing the spread of antibiotic-resistant organisms in hospitals.
    07 | 03 | 11
    Copper and the Home Competition Winners Announced
    Interior design
    The winners of the third Copper and the Home Competition have been announced by the Italian Copper Institute.
    09 | 02 | 11
    Pioneering Eco Care Home Specifies Antimicrobial Copper
    antimicrobial, installation, touch surface
    A pioneering care home for the elderly with an integrated nursery is the first healthcare facility in France to implement copper touch surfaces.
    12 | 01 | 11
    Free Antimicrobial Copper CPD Training
    antimicrobial, touch surface
    Feedback from architects visiting recent healthcare exhibitions indicates that there is rising awareness about the potential of copper touch surfaces to fight infection.
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