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    12 | 12 | 12
    Everyday Objects Reinvented Using Copper
    Interior design
    art, design
    Always on the lookout for new, helpful innovations for users, industrial designers are turning to copper to transform and perfect the most familiar of objects.
    04 | 12 | 12
    New Study Shows How Copper Restricts the Global Spread of Antibiotic-resistant Infections
    antimicrobial, research
    New research from the University of Southampton has shown that copper can prevent horizontal transmission of genes, which contributes to antibiotic-resistant infections.
    29 | 11 | 12
    Copper Embraced for Infection Control in Africa
    South Africa has taken a major step forward in adopting antimicrobial copper touch surfaces as an additional weapon in the fight against healthcare-associated infections.
    21 | 11 | 12
    Antimicrobial Copper Showcased at MEDICA
    A broad range of innovative Antimicrobial Copper items were showcased at this year’s MEDICA in Dusseldorf, Germany.
    20 | 11 | 12
    Marula Oil Benefits from Antimicrobial Copper
    antimicrobial, installation
    Antimicrobial copper is being used to reduce the risk of bacterial infection while processing marula nuts for the cosmetics industry.
    31 | 10 | 12
    Antimicrobial Copper Forms Part of Multi-Dimensional Approach to Hygiene
    antimicrobial, hospital, installation, touch surface
    As part of its general refurbishment measures, Hagen General Hospital has equipped its children’s intensive care ward with antimicrobial copper touch surfaces.
    19 | 10 | 12
    Copper Desks Help to Protect Student Health
    antimicrobial, installation, touch surface
    Copper – inherently antimicrobial and capable of rapidly and completely killing harmful pathogens on contact – is being used in a Chilean school to help protect the health of its children.
    30 | 08 | 12
    CopperConcept iPhone and iPad App Now Available
    The CopperConcept App features a regularly-updated collection of contemporary European architecture featuring copper and its alloys.
    08 | 08 | 12
    Infection Control at your Fingertips
    A company has produced the world's first commercially-available Antimicrobial Copper keyboard.
    30 | 07 | 12
    Catch Planes, Not Diseases
    Healthcare, Transportation
    antimicrobial, installation, touch surface, transport
    Antimicrobial copper could help reduce the risk of travellers passing infections between each other at busy airports.
    24 | 07 | 12
    Spanish Study Confirms Antimicrobial Copper’s Efficacy Against Drug-resistant Bacteria
    antimicrobial, research
    A study conducted by the University Hospital of Ceuta has demonstrated antimicrobial copper’s efficacy against a drug-resistant bacteria, IRAB.
    19 | 07 | 12
    Major Polish Hospital Protects Patients with Copper
    antimicrobial, hospital, installation, touch surface
    Following a growing number of hospitals around the world, WSKK Hospital, located in Wroclaw, Poland, has implemented antimicrobial copper surfaces in its Nephrology Ward.
    19 | 07 | 12
    Antimicrobial Copper Showcased at Italian Design Museum
    Interior design, Healthcare
    antimicrobial, design
    The travelling ‘Copper in a Box’ exhibition, is now appearing at the illustrious Triennale di Milano Design Museum in Italy.
    04 | 07 | 12
    Copper Helps Shanghai Bus Users Breathe Easy
    Air conditioning
    antimicrobial, installation
    For Shanghai residents, public buses are the primary method of transportation. In order to protect the health of these passengers, copper fin air conditioners have been deployed.
    02 | 07 | 12
    Chiyoda Hospital Protects Patients with Copper
    antimicrobial, hospital, installation, touch surface
    Chiyoda Hospital, on the island of Kyushu in Japan, has become the world’s first new hospital to be fitted throughout with antimicrobial copper door furniture.
    27 | 06 | 12
    Antimicrobial Copper Stethoscope Launched
    The first commercial Antimicrobial Copper stethoscope has been launched, joining a rapidly-increasing number of healthcare products.
    14 | 06 | 12
    Copper Harmonises Uffizi Gallery’s New Staircase with the Renaissance Style of the World’s First Public Art Gallery
    Interior design
    art, design
    In order to match the Renaissance aesthetics, the architect Adolfo Natalini chose copper for the structural element of the staircase.
    29 | 05 | 12
    Copper: Not Just a Pretty Face
    Design and manufacture, Healthcare
    alloys, antimicrobial, colourful
    At the recent May Design Series, designers and architects were reintroduced to copper and copper alloys by a display showcasing the range of colours and finishes available.
    23 | 05 | 12
    New Insight into the Sustainability of Copper Products
    A major update of the European Copper Institute’s Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of European production provides additional insights into the sustainability of copper products.
    22 | 05 | 12
    Paediatric Hospital Installs Antimicrobial Copper
    antimicrobial, hospital, installation, touch surface
    Roberto del Rio Children’s Hospital – the oldest paediatric facility in Chile – has installed antimicrobial copper surfaces in its intensive care and treatment rooms.
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