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    Combating Infection with Antimicrobial Copper in a Belgian Care Home
    antimicrobial, care homes, healthcare-associated infections, touch surface
    A leading Belgian care home is improving residents' protection from nosocomial infections with antimicrobial copper.
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    Occupational Healthcare Centre Benefits from Antimicrobial Copper
    antimicrobial, healthcare-associated infections, infections, surfaces
    Isku-Yhtymä Oy has launched an antimicrobial copper range, installed in their own occupational healthcare centre.
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    Enhancing Dental Hygiene with Copper
    antimicrobial, healthcare-associated infections, touch surface
    A pioneering endodontic office in Brazil has installed a suite of antimicrobial copper products to enhance infection prevention.
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    Copper Design Competition Launched
    Interior design
    design, inspiration, alloys, awards
    Copper and the Home 2014 – the latest iteration of a well-established design competition – has launched.
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    The European Commission Awards €3.3 Million for Ultraconductive Copper Development
    Energy and renewables
    conductive, conductivity , energy efficiency, EU, sustainability , value
    The “Ultrawire” project aims to produce a material that will conduct electricity better than any known electrical conductor.
    04 | 11 | 13
    Architectural Awards Winners Announced
    The winners of the European Copper in Architecture Awards 16 have been announced at a presentation ceremony in Paris.
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    World's First Antimicrobial Copper Train
    Transportation, Healthcare
    antimicrobial, mass transit, transport
    A train on the Valparaiso Metro in Chile is the first of its kind to be equipped with Antimicrobial Copper hand rails and poles.
    25 | 09 | 13
    Copper Brings New Technologies to Life
    applications, EU, inspiration, society , sustainability , value
    Innovations with copper can make products and services more energy and cost efficient, while minimising their environmental impact.
    11 | 09 | 13
    London Hosts Copper in a Box
    Interior design, Art
    art, artists, design
    From 18th – 21st September, 100% Design, will host the Copper in a Box exhibition as part of London Design Week
    10 | 09 | 13
    One Click for Copper in the UK:
    markets, platforms, policy, public, sustainability
    CDA has launched a new, comprehensive web platform to address multiple audiences including copper users, professionals, journalists and students.
    03 | 09 | 13
    French Laboratory Harnesses Antimicrobial Copper to Reduce Surface Contamination
    antimicrobial, installation
    A private laboratory in France has installed antimicrobial copper door furniture throughout its facility to help reduce surface contamination.
    13 | 08 | 13
    Ingersoll Rand Unveils New Door Hardware Made With Antimicrobial Copper
    antimicrobial, health, products
    Ingersoll Rand has unveiled a new portfolio of door hardware, made from Antimicrobial Copper.
    08 | 08 | 13
    Antimicrobial Copper: the New Approach to Hospital Decontamination
    clinical trial, research, antimicrobial, infections
    The use of copper for infection control will be highlighted by a leading international researcher at an important infection prevention conference taking place this September.
    24 | 07 | 13
    Antimicrobial Copper First in Cyprus
    hospital, antimicrobial, installation
    The largest state hospital in Cyprus, Nicosia General Hospital, is the first on the island to install antimicrobial copper touch surfaces to help provide a more hygienic environment.
    01 | 07 | 13
    Architectural Awards Shortlist Announced
    architecture, awards
    An international team of architect judges has shortlisted ten projects for the 2013 European Copper in Architecture Awards, a celebration of the very best in contemporary architecture.
    25 | 06 | 13
    Health Economics Assessment of Antimicrobial Copper for Infection Control
    antimicrobial, cost-effective
    A unique health economics assessment of copper’s role in preventing healthcare-associated infections demonstrates rapid payback on the capital investment.
    05 | 06 | 13
    From Plumbing to Home Decoration: DIY Design With Copper
    Pipe systems
    art, design
    Much-loved by the greatest designers, copper is also attracting the attention of DIY decoration enthusiasts.
    03 | 06 | 13
    Antimicrobial Copper: Design Engineering Guidance
    Design and manufacture, Healthcare
    alloys, antimicrobial, design
    A new publication offers designers guidance on identifying the most appropriate antimicrobial copper alloys for specific applications.
    28 | 05 | 13
    Copper Destroys Norovirus
    antimicrobial, research
    New research from the University of Southampton shows that copper and copper alloys will rapidly destroy norovirus – the highly-infectious sickness bug.
    22 | 05 | 13
    Mother and Child Centre Protected by Copper
    antimicrobial, installation, touch surface
    The Embrace – a non-profit facility in Athens, Greece that supports and cares for pregnant women in difficult circumstances – has installed antimicrobial copper touch surfaces.
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