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    12 | 11 | 14
    Leonardo ENERGY Offers Energy Management Foundation Training
    Electrical systems
    energy efficiency
    An online course is being offered to energy managers with an interest in improving their organisation’s energy performance.
    01 | 10 | 14
    First Copper Upcycling Contest Launched #upcopper
    Art, Interior design
    bronze, decorators, design, aesthetic, EU, brass, recyclable , alloys, competition, durability, creative, public
    The international Copper Upcycling Contest is calling for entries, with the brief of creating an upcycled household item made of copper or a copper alloy.
    18 | 08 | 14
    Sao Paulo School Fights Infections with Copper
    antimicrobial, hygiene, schools
    A school in Sao Paulo has opted to combat the spread of infection by harnessing the antimicrobial properties of copper.
    06 | 08 | 14
    Copper Design Showcased at the Triennale di Milano
    Copper – interpreted in many different forms and applications spanning architecture, design and technology – is the theme of a new exhibition at Milan’s Triennale Design Museum.
    05 | 08 | 14
    Key Marine Engineering Publication Made More Accessible
    copper-nickel, seawater, marine
    Recognising the importance of a European Federation of Corrosion publication containing information on copper alloys and other metals, its publisher will be offering it at the new price of £30.
    19 | 06 | 14
    New Edition of 'Copper Busbars: Guidance for Design and Installation' Launched
    Electrical systems
    busbars, efficacy, electric conductivity, electrical, electrical installation
    Copper Development Association first published Copper Busbars: Guidance for Design and Installation’ in 1936, and now a new edition adds significant content.
    16 | 06 | 14
    Squeaky Clean: Copper Mice Available
    Telecommunications, Healthcare
    Computer input devices are well-known germ traps, but antimicrobial copper keyboards and mice are now available.
    06 | 06 | 14
    CPD Enables Healthcare Architects to Specify Antimicrobial Copper with Confidence
    Healthcare, Architecture
    antimicrobial, clinical trial, cost-effective, design, healthcare-associated infections, hospital
    A new CPD presentation helps architects to understand the challenges of infection control and the solution antimicrobial copper touch surfaces provide.
    05 | 06 | 14
    French Studies Confirm Copper as a Significant Advance in the Fight Against Infection
    Healthcare, Design and manufacture
    antimicrobial, clinical trial
    New French research confirms the contribution antimicrobial copper touch surfaces can make to infection prevention.
    30 | 05 | 14
    Copper Strengthens Defence for Chile’s National Football Team
    Juan Pinto Durán Sports Complex – home of Chile’s national football team – is the first major sports facility in the world to install antimicrobial copper touch surfaces.
    07 | 05 | 14
    Children’s Cancer Centre Improves Patient Safety with Antimicrobial Copper
    Severance Hospital, in Korea, has installed antimicrobial copper touch surfaces in its new children’s cancer centre.
    18 | 04 | 14
    UK Expert Addresses German Hospital Hygiene Society on the Appliance of Antimicrobial Copper Science
    antimicrobial, hygiene, hospital
    Professor Bill Keevil has highlighted copper’s role in the ‘constant arms race’ for new solutions to the problem of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and new viral strains.
    17 | 04 | 14
    Antimicrobial Copper Indicated for Patient Safety
    antimicrobial, healthcare-associated infections, safety
    Antimicrobial copper is indicated for patient safety as NICE says healthcare-associated infection rates remain unacceptable.
    14 | 04 | 14
    World’s First Antimicrobial Copper Medical Supply Panel
    antimicrobial, hygiene
    The world’s first antimicrobial copper medical supply panel is now available.
    06 | 03 | 14
    Copper Shopping for Mother’s Day
    This year, copper jewellery – available in every possible style – could be the must have gift for Mother’s Day.
    06 | 02 | 14
    Copper Awards to be Showcased at International Convention of Architecture
    awards, inspiration
    The European Copper in Architecture Awards are set to feature at the 11th International Convention of Architecture.
    29 | 01 | 14
    Interior Architecture: Show Off Your Copper Pipes!
    Interior design, Architecture
    aesthetic, appealing, beautiful, colourful, decorators, design, designer, home, inspiration, pipework, plumbing
    Copper pipes are now coming into the open thanks to the influence of industrial design.
    22 | 01 | 14
    Antimicrobial Copper IT Suites Combating Healthcare-Associated Infections
    antimicrobial, hygiene, hospital, infections, touch surface
    In a world first, IT suites in Finland’s Jorvi Hospital have been outfitted with antimicrobial copper equipment to reduce the risk of infections spreading.
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