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    15 | 12 | 16
    European Copper in Architecture Awards Open for Entries
    architecture, roofing
    Architects are being called to showcase their most arresting copper and copper alloy designs as the European Copper in Architecture Awards 18 opens for entries.
    05 | 10 | 16
    Antimicrobial Copper Surfaces Maintain Terminal Clean Levels in Hospitals
    New research published in the American Journal of Infection Control reports antimicrobial copper touch surfaces in hospital patient rooms significantly reduced concentrations of bacteria, sustaining levels prescribed on completion of terminal cleaning.
    26 | 09 | 16
    Copper for a Greener, Healthier and More Sustainable Future
    The President of the International Copper Association has addressed global climate leaders on the use of copper for a greener, healthier and more sustainable future.
    16 | 08 | 16
    BSI 2016 Revisions of Copper and Copper Alloy Standards
    A list of copper and copper alloy British Standards reissued so far in 2016, following the five-year review, with changes noted.
    27 | 07 | 16
    Study Highlights Antimicrobial Copper as a ‘No-Touch Disinfection Technology’
    clinical trial, hospital, antimicrobial
    New US-Chile research highlights the contribution of antimicrobial copper touch surfaces to environmental hygiene in a children's hospital.
    30 | 06 | 16
    Copper: Your Ally in Operation Bikini
    essential, health
    Find out how copper can help you look and feel good this summer.
    14 | 06 | 16
    Alloys in the Marine Environment CPD Launched
    engineer, seawater, copper-nickel
    CDA is offering free CPD-accredited technical seminars to provide engineers with a unique opportunity to overview the behaviour of copper-based alloys, stainless steels and nickel alloys in the marine environment.
    08 | 06 | 16
    Schoolchildren Demonstrate Their Copper Knowledge
    The 2016 Copper Education Competition has been judged and the winners announced, with the top entries once again demonstrating excellent scientific understanding of copper and the properties that make it key to modern living.
    11 | 04 | 16
    Copper Innovations at Milan Design Week
    Art, Design and manufacture
    design, designer
    Polish design studio Zieta Prozessdesign is set to showcase their latest sheet metal furniture systems and objects—featuring strong, innovative use of copper—at Milan Design Week's Salone del Mobile.
    07 | 03 | 16
    Copper Alloys in Seawater: New Publication Launched
    engineer, corrosion, marine, copper-nickel
    A new technical publication has launched this week at NACE’s Corrosion 2016: ‘Copper Alloys in Seawater: Avoidance of Corrosion Problems’, by Roger Francis.
    29 | 02 | 16
    Free Science Education Resources
    Copper Development Association has launched a collection of free resources spanning Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
    24 | 02 | 16
    High Conductivity Copper for Electrical Engineering
    Electrical systems
    A newly-launched publication – High Conductivity Copper for Electrical Engineering – describes the electrical and mechanical properties of high conductivity copper, and copper alloys, intended for use in electrical applications.
    17 | 02 | 16
    Copper Alloy Technology Exchange
    The behaviour of copper alloys in seawater, corrosion issues and methods of ensuring best performance will be under discussion at Technical Exchange Group TEG 523X: Marine Corrosion of Copper Alloys at NACE International’s Corrosion 2016 in Vancouver.
    03 | 02 | 16
    Knowledge Exchange on Copper Alloys at Corrosion 2016
    alloys, copper-nickel, corrosion, marine
    Copper Alliance will be exhibiting at Booth 539 of NACE International’s Corrosion 2016 – offering information and knowledge exchange on copper alloys – and participating in Technical Exchange Group TEG 523X Marine Corrosion of Copper Alloys.
    27 | 01 | 16
    Engineers’ Guide to Nickel Aluminium Bronze Launched
    marine, offshore, engineer, corrosion, bronze, applications, alloys
    A new publication offers practical guidance for engineers wishing to specify, design or produce nickel aluminium bronze components for marine, aerospace and other sectors.
    19 | 01 | 16
    French Town Closes the Door on Germs with Copper
    In a world first, Bezannes – a town in Northern France – has installed antimicrobial copper door handles and stair rails in its city hall, social welfare institution and cultural centre, as well as a primary school.
    15 | 01 | 16
    The International Copper and the Home 2016 Design Competition Launches
    architecture, aesthetic, inspiration, art, design, competition
    The 2016 Copper and the Home Design Competition has launched, with prizes up to €4,000 to be won.
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