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    01 | 09 | 17
    2018 Copper Education Competition Launched
    competition, schools
    The 2018 Uncover Copper competition has launched, inviting UK students aged 11–16 to explore copper's essential role in our present and future to win great prizes for themselves and their schools.
    01 | 06 | 17
    Strong Corrosion Performance of Copper Alloys Highlighted at Marine Conference
    alloys, corrosion, marine
    CDA will make an invited presentation—Metals in Marine Environments: Corrosion Behaviour and How to Spot It—to the International Institute of Marine Surveying at this year’s Seawork International Show and Conference, with a focus on the strong contribution copper alloys can make to marine engineering.
    22 | 02 | 17
    Copper Alloys: State-of-the-Art Engineering on the Agenda at Corrosion 2017
    The development of copper alloys—from traditional applications to state-of-the-art engineering—will be described in a symposium at NACE International’s Corrosion 2017.
    15 | 02 | 17
    Online Copper Conductivity Materials Database for Electrical and Electronic Engineering Launched
    Electrical systems
    A free-to-access Copper Conductivity Materials database covering copper alloys for electrical conductivity applications is now available online to help specifiers and designers with material selection, addressing a current knowledge gap.
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