23 | 08 | 14
    What is your favourite copper colour?
    colourful, alloys
    Copper and its alloys are available in many different colours. Which do you like best?
    30 | 09 | 14
    What do you think is copper’s most useful property?
    Marine, Electrical systems, Industrial, Design and manufacture
    antimicrobial, resistance, corrosion, thermal conductivity, conductivity , electrical, coppers, property
    What do you think is copper's most useful property?
    31 | 01 | 16
    How much copper do you think China recycled in 2014?
    Take a guess at how much copper China recycled in 2014, then watch this video to find out the answer!
    31 | 07 | 16
    What is copper's most significant contribution to the modern world?
    30 | 11 | 16
    What is the biggest source of copper to meet EU demand?
    demand, recycling
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