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Copper and Copper Alloys:
Compositions, Properties and Applications
CDA Publication 120 - Copper and Copper Alloys

About this Publication

The EN series of standards for copper and copper alloys offers a selection of materials to suit a very wide variety of end uses. They represent a consensus agreement on those most frequently ordered by consumers. 

Publication 120, revised in 2005, summarises the main compositions and the range of properties for the most commonly specified copper and copper alloys.  The contents list and individual tables are shown on this page.

Whilst our publication has been prepared with care, we can give no warranty regarding the contents and shall not be liable for any direct, incidental or consequential damage arising out of its use. For complete information on any material the appropriate standard should be consulted.

Section 1: Conversion of Old BS into EN Material Designations

  Introduction to Standards
Table 1
  EN Standards for copper and copper alloys
Table 2
  Listing of old BS Standards replaced by EN Standards
Table 3
  Unwrought and wrought coppers - conversion of old BS into EN material designations
Table 4
  Wrought copper alloys - conversion of old BS into EN material designations
Table 5    
  Copper and copper alloy ingots and castings - comparison of BS1400 and EN1982

Section 2: EN Coppers and Copper Alloys

Table 6a       
  Unwrought and wrought coppers - compositions, uses, properties
Table 6b
Unwrought and wrought coppers - relevant standards
Table 7

EN 1982 copper and copper alloy ingots and castings
Table 8

Wrought low-alloyed copper alloys - compositions, uses, properties
Table 9

Wrought copper-aluminium, copper-nickel and copper-nickel-zinc alloys
Table 10

Wrought copper-zinc and copper-tin binary alloys
Table 11

Wrought copper-zinc-lead alloys (leaded brasses)
Table 12a      Wrought, complex, copper-zinc alloys (special brasses)
Table 12b

Wrought, complex, copper-zinc alloys (special brasses) - relevant standards
Table 13

Copper and copper alloys for welding and braze welding (EN 13347)

Section 3: Brass Semi-Finished Products

Table 14
  Brass rods and sections - compositions, uses and typical properties
Table 15         
  Brass forgings, stampings and hot pressings - compositions, uses, properties
Table 16   Brass sheet, strip and plate - compositions, uses, properties
Table 17
  Brass tubes - compositions, uses, properties
Table 18
  Brass wire - compositions, uses, properties
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