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Copper Development Association provides a range of resources in support of the correct and efficient use of copper and copper alloys for major applications.

Most of our publications are downloadable electronically and a few are available as hard copies.  Use the search option or click on a category to see the publications/software listed under that topic.

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  • Copper Key - for equivalents of copper alloys worldwide, their chemical compositions, material designation and national standards
  • Copper Data Center - a searchable database of over 60,000 scientific abstracts from research papers related to the application of copper
  • Copper Life Cycle Data - for up-to-date life cycle data on key copper products
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    Cast and Wrought Aluminium Bronzes
    Design and manufacture, Marine
    alloys, bronze, corrosion, design, manufacturing, property, resistance
    This book, commissioned by CDA, updates information contained in the standard reference work by P J Macken and A A Smith, published in 1966. It contains valuable new material on the metallurgy of aluminium bronzes, the composition and manufacturing conditions required to ensure reliable corrosion resistance - also, alloying elements, physical properties, casting processes, properties of castings, manufacture and design of castings. 1999. 434pp.
    CDA Inc Technical Reference Library
    Design and manufacture
    alloys, coppers, technical
    The US Copper Development Association provides access to its Technical Reference Library free of charge in an effort to increase knowledge of the role of copper in the environment.
    Copper and Copper Alloys in Offshore Renewable Energy
    Marine, Energy and renewables
    alloys, applications, copper-nickel, corrosion, electrical, engineer, marine, offshore, platforms, renewables, resistance, wind energy
    This webcast presents an overview of the properties, applications and proven service experience of copper alloys in marine environments, indicating the potential benefits of technology transfer to offshore wind farms and wave and tidal devices.
    Copper in the Automotive Industry
    £ 0.00
    alloys, applications, corrosion, design, property, transport, treatments
    A comprehensive source of information on the properties, production, processing and applications of copper and copper alloys, of interest to metallurgical, development, design and testing engineers in the automotive and other industries using copper.
    Copper Is...
    aesthetic, alloys, antifouling, antimicrobial, available, colourful, conductive, design, ductile, durable, essential, joining, malleable, recyclable , safety, shapes, sustainable
    This brochure provides a visual exploration of a range of properties that make copper and its alloys essential to modern living.
    Copper Key
    Design and manufacture
    alloys, coppers, standards
    Online software giving chemical composition of copper alloys worldwide, their material designation and national standard. Automatically gives equivalent materials from international, European and other national standards and enables chemical compositions to be compared (on the German Copper Centre site).
    DKI i.18 Recommended Machining Parameters for Copper and Copper Alloys
    Industrial, Design and manufacture
    alloys, brass, coppers, machining
    This update by DKI aims to address the concerns of practitioners, helping them to find the most effective and economical solutions to their metal cutting problems. It also assists designers and development engineers when comparing the machinability of different materials, making it easier to estimate the fabrication costs of a particular part. Tables have been brought up to date to reflect the most recent materials standards. 2010. 64pp.
    IS 36 - Dezincification Resistant Brass
    Pipe systems
    alloys, brass, fittings installation, installation, tube
    In some areas of the UK, the presence of otherwise harmless impurities in the potable water makes it aggressive to duplex brass producing a form of attack known as dezincification. 1982. 4pp.
    IS 49 - Copper-nickel Brake Tubing in the Automotive Industry
    transport, alloys, copper-nickel, tube, use
    CDA Information Sheet on the use of copper-nickel for brake tubing in the automotive industry. 1990. 14pp.
    Microstructures of Copper and Copper Alloys
    Design and manufacture
    coppers, alloys
    Photo micrographs of commercially important and/or metallurgically interesting copper and copper alloys and processings (on the CDA Inc site).
    Pub 030 - Copper-nickel Alloys, Properties and Applications
    Design and manufacture, Marine
    alloys, applications, copper-nickel, property
    Details of the composition and properties of the 90/10 and 70/30 copper-nickel alloys are given, together with examples of their applications. 1982. 40pp.
    Pub 031 - Copper-nickel 90/10 and 70/30 Alloys, Technical Data
    Design and manufacture, Marine
    alloys, copper-nickel, property, technical
    Physical and mechanical properties of the two most commonly encountered copper-nickel alloy types are presented. 1982. 32pp.
    Pub 036 - Use of Copper-nickel Cladding on Ships and Boat Hulls
    Design and manufacture, Marine
    alloys, cladding, copper-nickel, marine, seawater, ship and boat hulls, use
    Description of the use of copper-nickel cladding resistant to corrosion and marine biofouling and its economic advantages. 1985. 16pp.
    Pub 037 - Copper-nickel Cladding for Offshore Structures
    Design and manufacture, Marine
    alloys, cladding, copper-nickel, corrosion, marine, offshore
    The cost savings available when copper-nickel cladding is used to prevent corrosion and marine biofouling are significant. This publication details how they can be achieved. 1986. 16pp.
    Pub 038 - Materials for Seawater Pipeline Systems
    Design and manufacture, Marine
    alloys, applications, copper-nickel, pipelines, seawater
    Gives reasons for choice of 90/10 copper-nickel alloy in preference to other materials for many applications. 1986. 16pp.
    Pub 040 - CW451k PB102 Data Sheet
    Design and manufacture
    alloys, bronze, property
    Contains physical and mechanical properties of wrought 5% tin phosphor bronze, PB102. 1969. 12pp.
    Pub 041 - Clear Protective Coatings
    £ 0.00
    Design and manufacture
    alloys, design, Industry, manufacturing, protection, surfaces
    Detailed description of the range of coatings available with application methods and recommendations for use. 1991. 24pp.
    Pub 042 - Copper and Copper Alloy Castings
    £ 0.00
    Design and manufacture
    alloys, design, gunmetal, Industry, manufacturing, products
    Discusses the applications of all copper casting alloys commonly available in Europe with recommendations as to choice of alloy. Casting processes and product design considerations are considered. 1991. 62pp.
    Pub 045 - Copper Alloy Bearings
    £ 0.00
    Design and manufacture
    alloys, applications, design, Industry, manufacturing
    Covers the British and European alloys which are suitable for bearing applications, giving advice on their selection and use. 1992. 44pp.
    Pub 054 - Beryllium Copper
    Design and manufacture
    beryllium, alloys, applications, Industry, manufacturing, property
    This booklet focuses on the properties, applications and practical manipulation of copper beryllium and covers precipitation hardening, to which beryllium copper owes its high strength and hardness. 1962. 50pp.
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