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Copper Development Association provides a range of resources in support of the correct and efficient use of copper and copper alloys for major applications.

Most of our publications are downloadable electronically and a few are available as hard copies.  Use the search option or click on a category to see the publications/software listed under that topic.

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  • FAQs - on alloys and applications
  • Copper Key - for equivalents of copper alloys worldwide, their chemical compositions, material designation and national standards
  • Copper Data Center - a searchable database of over 60,000 scientific abstracts from research papers related to the application of copper
  • Copper Life Cycle Data - for up-to-date life cycle data on key copper products
  • Kompass - for supplier listings

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    Copper, Iron and Zinc - An Essential Trio for Health
    Fact sheet on copper, iron and zinc in the Public Service Series of International Copper Association, November 2009, 2pp.
    P7 - Copper - The Vital Metal Poster
    health, recyclability, schools, science
    A2 poster highlighting copper's key role in technology, energy and health, and its recyclability.
    Pub 104 - Copper-Beryllium Health and Safety Notes
    beryllium, alloys, health, safety
    Guidance notes for users of copper beryllium products. 1994. 2pp
    Pub 178 - Copper Sustains Life
    General information sheet on the role of copper in health. 2004. 2pp.
    Pub 183 - The Impact of Copper on Human Health
    Review paper exploring the impact of copper on human health (with scientific references). International Copper Association. 2005. 16pp.
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