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Copper Development Association provides a range of resources in support of the correct and efficient use of copper and copper alloys for major applications.

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    D10 - Energy Efficient Power Cable Selection (Datadisk)
    Electrical systems
    cables, cost-effective, design, electrical, energy efficiency, installation, performance, power cable
    This program calculates cable size taking account of type of cable, installation method, circuit length, overload protection, ambient temperature and circuit grouping. The economic calculations take account of load growth, discount rate and increases in energy costs. Cable and installation costs can be modified to suit local conditions. D10 Datadisk. 1998.
    IS 36 - Dezincification Resistant Brass
    Pipe systems
    alloys, brass, fittings installation, installation, tube
    In some areas of the UK, the presence of otherwise harmless impurities in the potable water makes it aggressive to duplex brass producing a form of attack known as dezincification. 1982. 4pp.
    Power Quality in Low Voltage Installations - Harmonics
    Electrical systems
    electrical, installation, low voltage, power quality
    This presentations describes what harmonic waveforms look like, what kind of loads produce them, what typical harmonic profiles can be expected, what problems they cause and the mitigation measures you can use?
    Power Quality in Low Voltage Installations - Voltage Dips
    Electrical systems
    electrical, installation, low voltage, power quality
    This presentation looks at the causes and effects of voltage dips, examining typical network performance, equipment performance and the compatibility gap between them. This gap must be covered in practice by good installation design and the right choice of mitigation equipment.
    Pub 022 - Copper for Busbars - Guidance on Design and Installation
    £ 0.00
    Energy and renewables, Electrical systems
    busbars, coppers, design, electrical, installation
    This 2014 update of a classic, 1936 publication provides the information needed to design efficient, economic and reliable busbar systems.
    Pub 033 - Copper Tube in Domestic Water Services
    Pipe systems
    design, installation, pipework, plumbing, tube
    Information on the design and installation of copper domestic water services. Includes pipework jointing, tube bending, DZR brass. 2000. 36pp. (Out of print.)
    Pub 088 - Copper Tube in Buildings
    Pipe systems
    building, installation, pipework, plumbing, tube
    Information on the installation of copper pipework systems in buildings and information on compatibility of copper with various construction materials and chemicals. 2000. 19pp.
    Pub 116 - Electrical Energy Efficiency
    Energy and renewables, Electrical systems
    cables, electrical, energy efficiency, installation, low voltage, motors, transformer
    Both financial appraisal and technical consideration of electrical energy efficiency of motors, cables, busbars and transformers, with actual case histories showing savings to be made, can be found in this book. 1997. 120pp.
    Pub 119 - Earthing Practice
    Electrical systems
    earthing, electrical, electrical installation, installation
    This publication explains the reasons for earthing systems, legislation and includes chapters on corrosion resistance and the properties of copper. 1997. 108pp.
    Pub 123 - Electrical Design - A Good Practice Guide
    Energy and renewables, Electrical systems
    building, design, electrical, energy efficiency, installation, power quality
    This book covers the design of electrical installations in buildings, presenting good practice design solutions to reduce the impact of power quality problems and explaining how electrical efficiency can be improved. 1997. 92 pp.
    Pub 124 - Copper for Domestic Natural Gas Installations
    Pipe systems
    design, gas , installation, pipework, plumbing
    This design and installation guide gives information on materials, components, pipe sizing, jointing, safety, electrical bonding, testing and purging. 1997. 30pp.
    Pub 125 - Copper Fire Sprinkler Systems for Residential and Domestic Properties
    Pipe systems
    design, fire sprinkler, installation, pipework
    This design and installation book gives information on water supplies, systems components and materials, hydraulic calculations, pipework installation, system commissioning, maintenance and documentation. 1997. 24pp.
    Pub 147 - Copper Residential Sprinkler Systems for Life Safety and Property Protection
    Pipe systems
    design, fire sprinkler, installation, pipework, protection, safety, study
    This leaflet describes the sprinkler protection installed in 212 properties at Studley Green, a £10 million project to redevelop the pre-cast reinforced concrete former Council properties on the Studley Green estate. 2001. 4pp.
    Pub 156 - Copper Roofing - In Detail
    £ 25.00
    architecture, design, installation, roofing, technical
    Technical information on designing and installing fully supported sheet copper roofing in accordance with current good practice. The details illustrated will meet most of the conditions likely to be encountered. If unusual design situations arise, the principles shown should help in devising a solution. 2002. 120pp.
    Pub 807 - Installation Tips
    Pipe systems
    brazing, fittings installation, gas , installation, installer, pipework, plumbing, press fitting, refrigeration, solar, soldering, tube
    A collection of practical articles on subjects of interest to plumbing installers and students. Topics covered include tube bending, soldering, pipe sizing, installations for gas, water, vacuum, medical gases, refrigeration and solar hot water systems.
    Pub 827 - Copper Solar Thermal Systems
    £ 0.00
    Energy and renewables, Pipe systems
    design, installation, pipework, plumbing, solar, solar thermal, tube
    This publication outlines the methodology for the design and installation of copper solar thermal systems. It includes an introduction to the concept of the solar thermal system, the types of solar collectors available, the major components in a typical solar thermal system, how to install copper pipework and the sizing of the installation, the collectors and storage cylinders.
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