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    IS 36 - Dezincification Resistant Brass
    Pipe systems
    alloys, brass, fittings installation, installation, tube
    In some areas of the UK, the presence of otherwise harmless impurities in the potable water makes it aggressive to duplex brass producing a form of attack known as dezincification. 1982. 4pp.
    IS 49 - Copper-nickel Brake Tubing in the Automotive Industry
    transport, alloys, copper-nickel, tube, use
    CDA Information Sheet on the use of copper-nickel for brake tubing in the automotive industry. 1990. 14pp.
    Pub 033 - Copper Tube in Domestic Water Services
    Pipe systems
    design, installation, pipework, plumbing, tube
    Information on the design and installation of copper domestic water services. Includes pipework jointing, tube bending, DZR brass. 2000. 36pp. (Out of print.)
    Pub 088 - Copper Tube in Buildings
    Pipe systems
    building, installation, pipework, plumbing, tube
    Information on the installation of copper pipework systems in buildings and information on compatibility of copper with various construction materials and chemicals. 2000. 19pp.
    Pub 149 - Large Diameter Copper Tubes for Industrial and Commercial Heating Applications
    Pipe systems
    corrosion, designer, pipework, plumbing, resistance, tube
    This publication explains to architects, designers and specifiers the uses of copper and copper alloys in commercial and industrial heating systems using tube sizes of 28-159mm diameter. System components, pipework jointing, tube bending and corrosion resistance are all covered. 2001. 15pp.
    Pub 150 - Copper Tubes in Domestic Heating Systems
    Pipe systems
    design, heating, pipework, plumbing, resistance, tube
    This publication examines the most effective way to select the right sized tube diameters, advising on the key stages of building a heating system, such as assessing flow rates, flow resistance and pump performance. Includes tables to assess the length of copper tube needed for a variety of fitting types and to calculate the resistance flow per unit length of tube. 2001. 8pp. (Out of print.)
    Pub 807 - Installation Tips
    Pipe systems
    brazing, fittings installation, gas , installation, installer, pipework, plumbing, press fitting, refrigeration, solar, soldering, tube
    A collection of practical articles on subjects of interest to plumbing installers and students. Topics covered include tube bending, soldering, pipe sizing, installations for gas, water, vacuum, medical gases, refrigeration and solar hot water systems.
    Pub 826 - Copper Pipework Services in Modern Buildings - A Specifier's Guide
    Pipe systems
    durability, fittings installation, pipework, plumbing, recyclability, sustainability , tube, versatile
    This publication, aimed at material specifiers, details the many reasons why copper is the number one material for pipework services. In addition to the information on copper tube and fittings, there is environmental information on copper, its sustainability and recyclability. 2009. 12pp
    Pub 827 - Copper Solar Thermal Systems
    £ 0.00
    Energy and renewables, Pipe systems
    design, installation, pipework, plumbing, solar, solar thermal, tube
    This publication outlines the methodology for the design and installation of copper solar thermal systems. It includes an introduction to the concept of the solar thermal system, the types of solar collectors available, the major components in a typical solar thermal system, how to install copper pipework and the sizing of the installation, the collectors and storage cylinders.
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