2017 Funding

European Copper Institute (ECI), plus its network of national Copper Alliance partners, operated with a 2017 budget of €9.5 million ($10.6 million) to develop and carry out promotional and regulatory affairs activities.

While the International Copper Association—representing the world’s leading mining companies, independent smelter/refiners (metal producers) and semi-fabricated product manufacturers—provided 80% of this budget, European members devoted significant time and contributed much-needed value chain intelligence to matters including programme design, regulatory issue management and national authority advocacy.

To a limited extent, member funding is leveraged with external funding sources to support ECI’s activities in policy research, policy implementation, capacity building, market surveillance and in developing new technological solutions. In 2017, the IndustRE project successfully concluded, evaluating the flexibility potential of energy-intensive industries to facilitate grid integration of variable renewables, and the ReFreeDrive project was launched to develop rare-earth-free traction solutions for electric vehicles. Both projects obtained funding from the European Commission.


ECI Annual Report 2017