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Home Electrical Systems


Functional and Flexible Home Electrical Installations

When we have work done around the home, there are many things to consider – the furnishings, the colour of the walls and potential storage space, to name a few – but many people neglect a fundamental element: the home electrical installation. As soon as the new or renovated area is put to use, it becomes clear that comfort could have been improved and energy savings could have been made, but by then it’s too late. Fortunately, help is at hand.

Information and Inspiration

To address the knowledge gap, Leonardo ENERGY (a global community of professionals in sustainable energy run by the Copper Alliance) has created a series of articles to inspire and inform people on the subject of electrical installations in the home.

These articles offer information on new technologies, providing an overview of features with a focus on the tangible benefits offered to the owner, for example what can be achieved in terms of added comfort, energy efficiency and security.