Interior Design

Copper offers Designers a Wealth of Mechanical and Aesthetic Qualities that have made it a mainstay of Design and Innovation for Centuries

Endless Possibilities

Copper is an excellent material for realising design concepts because it offers endless possibilities for working, either in its pure state, or through its many alloys, including brass and bronze. Highly malleable, ductile and durable, it has a unique chromatic appeal thanks to its wide palette, ranging from red and brown through gold to silver and green. Copper and gold are the only metals that have a distinctive colour (with all others being ‘white metals’).

Copper’s strong identity and millennia-spanning tradition, combined with its aesthetic and technical properties, has made it a mainstay of interior design, especially in the creation of avant-garde items.

Readily available in a wide range of alloys and product forms, copper alloys offer designers a palette of materials with properties and colours to realise their designs.

Furthermore, copper and its alloys are infinitely recyclable without loss of properties, making it compatible with the requirements of modern eco-design.

From lamps, radiators, pots and pans to beds, chairs, tables and jewellery, copper’s beauty inspires top designers and adds timeless quality to the home.

Copper and the Home 2018

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Copper at 100% Design Show

Copper and its alloys—including brass and bronze—are a hot design trend. We went to 100% Design in London to see the latest copper creations and speak with some of the designers for whom these metals are a material of choice.


Paul Kelley, Furniture Designer

Paul tells us why copper is his material of choice, and demonstrates his innovative copper cubes that can be built into DIY furniture.

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