Copper and the Home Competition Winners

Copper and the Home Competition Winners 2018—Design and Sustainability

The 7th edition of the international competition ‘Copper and the Home 2018’, saw the participation of over 250 competing projects from all over Europe, as well as non-European nations like Korea, China and Chile. The judging was carried out by a qualified jury of professionals, composed of Massimo Curzi, architect, Matteo Ragni, designer and Marco Romanelli, architect and design critic.

This year in particular, ‘Copper and the Home’ celebrated the contribution that copper can make to the construction of a sustainable future, inviting young creatives to design objects that combine function and beauty, emphasizing properties of copper such as electrical and thermal conductivity, durability, strength and flexibility, in addition to recyclability and innate elegance, historically always appreciated.

The Copper and the Home awards ceremony took place in the prestigious offices of Salvioni Durini Milano.

Category: Architects and Designers

1st Place:

Designer: Cornelius Comanns (Germany)
Project: ‘Kink’

Comment: Through the elementary gesture of bending a tube, the designer achieves a highly expressive result on a formal level whilst being attentive to functionality. The fold, usually considered a defect, assumes positive connotations here, according to the lessons of Angelo Mangiarotti and Lorenzo Damiani, and, in its unpredictability, ensures the object a (controlled) variety of different forms.Copper and home competition, kink by comanns

2nd Place:

Designer: Luca Ladiana (Italy)
Project: ‘Imbuto’

Comment: In keeping with contemporary reality, the ‘Imbuto’ project proposes a kit of solutions for a type of flower vase: a soliflor (when the funnel is contained inside the glass) or a large capacious vase. As well as being an aesthetic element, the copper tray protects the supporting surfaces.

Copper and the home 2018 competition - Imbuto, by Luca Ladiana

Special Mentions:

Designer: Paulina Krystyna Sobczyk (Poland)
Project: ‘Balance’

Comment: ‘Balance’ floor lamps gracefully interpret the contemporary trend of lighting objects that are increasingly transformed into sculptures.

Copper and the home 2018 competition - Balance, by Paulina Krystyna Sobczyc

Designer: Carolina Martinelli and Vittorio Venezia (Italy)
Project: ‘Fili Scoperti’

Comment: The suspension lamp ‘Fili Scoperti’, as its name suggests, aims to transform into poetic the most prosaic element of lighting design—the wire. This is particularly true for the precious copper wire which, usually sheathed, is brought to light by low voltage.

Copper and the home 2018 competition - Fili scoperti, by Martinelli & Venezia

Designer: Andrea Brugnera (Italy)
Project: ‘Jijji’

Comment: Jijji invents a form for an object of common use in the summer evenings: the insect repeller. Inserted in a spinning top, it is transformed into a playful element, although it does not depend on functional analysis, such as the detail of the hollow handle that acts as a chimney.

Copper and the home 2018 competition - jijji, by Andrea Brugnera

Category: Students

1st Place:

Students: Claudia Ragnelli and Valeria De Angelis (Italy)
Project: ‘CU Vietato non toccare’

Comment: Through the cultured reference to the poetics of Bruno Munari, the authors design an object-book through which, by playing, children can understand and experience the properties of copper. The book, once used and interpreted by each child, will become a design object itself.

Copper and the home 2018 competition - CU Vietato non toccare, by Ragnelli & De Angelis

Special Mentions:

Students: Charlotte Martine Stephanie Putois and Ludovic Grégory Lézandron (France)
Project: ‘Anknaes’

Comment: ‘Anknaes’ consists of three trays characterized by a pleasant organic shape that, when not in use, can be stackable to create sculptural objects.

Copper and the home 2018 competition- Anknaes, by Putois & Lèzandron

Students: Magdalena Zawiazalec and Bartosz Brylewski (Poland)
Project: ‘Copper Knife’

Comment: Playing at the boundary where object meets ornament, ‘Copper Knife’ is configured as a new and innovative typology.

Copper and the home 2018 competition- Copper knife, by Zawiazalec & Brylewski