Innovating with Copper

Innovation with copper has been a continuous thread throughout history. Across the multitude of ways in which copper is used, it provides proven added value to modern life, for example by delivering safe electricity and water, and enabling the continued development of electric and electronic devices. Future innovation will bring us additional benefits.

The copper industry’s ongoing research and testing of new concepts deliver a steady stream of innovations that can totally transform how things are made and how they work. These innovations may make processes more cost-efficient or minimise environmental impact, may lower energy consumption or improve design. Whatever they accomplish, it is only due to copper’s superior performance characteristics. Innovations based on copper and copper alloys are being introduced by many downstream industries, helping players in those sectors design and manufacture new products and services that will continue to improve our daily lives.

Copper is one of the planet’s most versatile resources. It can also be recycled again and again, without any loss of performance, ensuring that it continues to be one of the most important materials at the heart of both economic development and human existence.