Copper Architecture Forum (CAF) magazine is published

Copper Architecture Forum 45 showcases a range of inspirational projects from around Europe highlighting the diversity of approaches to materiality in design, combining copper with other high-quality materials.

Our first project is a residential building in a prominent riverside setting, clad in a golden copper alloy intended to contrast and interact with its sharp, reflective glass neighbour. Also contrasting with its surroundings is a prismatic copper pavilion, bringing back to life the unloved central court of a suburban office building.

Next, a modern take on traditional house forms combines pre-oxidised copper with complementary coloured brickwork and minimalised detailing to create a unified mass. With another clever combination of materials – copper, brass and three types of brickwork – a city-centre residential project is conceived as a visually striking stack of blocks, maximising use of rooftops by residents. Another rich material combination, this time in Australia, defines a community centre and includes curved perforated brass, adding to its post-modern feel.

Sustainable and traditional materials, combined on a major scale, also characterise a Belgian city centre regeneration. Here, a golden alloy of copper is applied in various forms including embossed, expanded and louvred areas. A contrasting approach is taken with large panels of brass, used as dramatic ‘picture frames’ around views into practice rooms and key areas of a music school.

For a renowned luxury spa in an outstanding natural location, only the best materials will do. Here, carefully detailed brass panelling combines with rock and concrete as the building grows organically from the mountainside. Finally, we return to urban regeneration, this time in Moscow with examples of residential buildings clad with pre-patinated and pre-oxidised copper, alongside stone and brick.

Copper Architecture Forum 45, and back issues, can be downloaded from the CopperConcept website.

For people in Europe, printed copies can be requested using the on-line form.