Copper Architecture Forum magazine 46/2019 has been published

Focusing on a single material – as we do here with copper in all its forms – enables illuminating comparisons of different architectural approaches by different designers. A common thread in this issue is the designer’s fascination with copper as a living, changing material, often reflecting a building’s context, whether historical or geographical.

Our Cover Story is a good example, exploring a major sports complex (pages 18-21) clad in brass shingles, chosen to complement the colours of natural grasses in its location near the Rocky Mountain foothills. In another mountainous region, this time in northern Italy, a golden alloy of copper highlights minimalist lodges in a golf course landscape (pages 14-17). To complete this sporting theme, an addition to a golf clubhouse in Germany (pages 22-23) distances itself with copper and glass modernity.

One architect’s interest in pre-patinated copper for over a decade has influenced an award-winning intervention to London’s Royal College of Music (pages 4-7), demonstrating copper’s capability to express the challenging forms of performance spaces. Historical context – a textile trading street – informs the undulating brass and glass facades of a new flagship retail store (pages 30-33) in Wuppertal, Germany. Meanwhile, alternating copper finishes characterise the entrance of a redeveloped headquarters building (pages 11-13), intentionally to develop differently internally and externally.

Also ‘making an entrance’ are three dramatic, wave-like green copper canopies, contrasting with the dark glass facades of an innovative Lithuanian business centre (pages 34-35). In the same town of Kaunas, expressed longitudinal joints in pre- patinated copper on a new villa (pages 8-10) give a modern take on surrounding metal-clad inter-war housing. Original copper features on 1910 recreational buildings in a British coastal resort have also been respected, with perforated pre-patinated copper additions (pages 28-29). Again, perforated copper – this time to graphic effect – offers transparency alongside opacity on an elegant housing project in central Warsaw (pages 24-27).

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