Copper Development Association to close, support for copper industry and professionals to continue

At the request of their members, the International Copper Association, leaders of the global Copper Alliance, have agreed to focus activities in certain geographies and initiatives, to be more streamlined and effective. This has resulted in the difficult decision to close Copper Development Association (CDA) and cease its UK-based activities, as Copper Alliance transitions to a new structure.

The European Copper Institute will continue to represent the interests of the copper industry in Europe, maintaining its licence to operate through its Material Stewardship and Reputation Building initiatives, and ensuring its access to markets through Clean Energy Transition and Green and Healthy Buildings programs. CDA has now ceased its project work and information service and will soon start the process of winding up, but its online information is still currently available, on this website.

Experts are on hand to help you with your technical enquiries! Following the announcement that Copper Development Association is closing, colleagues at the Deutches Kupferinstitut (DKI) in Dusseldorf are now ready to help you with the following:

  • Information and advice for users of copper materials on all technical issues: from material selection, processing and use to the application of codes and standards.
  • Conducting material analyses and component investigations.
  • Tailored engineering services to help specifiers, users and manufacturers of copper materials to properly handle the material in process and product development and optimisation.
  • Assistance in failure investigation and recommendation of countermeasures.
  • Innovation, coordination of and participation in customised research.

To contact DKI, please use the Contact an Expert form.