Copper for a Greener, Healthier and More Sustainable Future

Copper for a Greener, Healthier and More Sustainable Future

Anthony Lea, President of the International Copper Association (ICA), spoke to an audience of global climate leaders as part of the opening ceremonies of Climate Week NYC. He discussed the copper industry’s strong alignment with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Climate Week NYC brings together influential global figures—and new voices—from the worlds of business, government and society who are leading the low carbon transition. Events, activities and high-profile meetings are planned across New York to discuss America’s role in leading global climate action and ask what must be done to unleash the next wave of climate and clean energy innovation.

At its highest level, sustainable development is at the core of ICA’s work and that of the copper industry. Anthony Lea observes: ‘Copper and the copper industry are critical to sustainable development and to a higher quality of life. While this higher quality of life is often associated with the developed world, there are over three billion people on the planet who seek to have the same quality of life.’ This audience represents a new, global middle class set to emerge between now and 2030.

The address followed keynote speeches and panel discussions with high-profile climate leaders from the US government, the UN and leading global businesses, including Dr. Ernest Moniz, US Secretary of Energy; Rachel Kyte, CEO and Special Representative for the UN Secretary General for Sustainable Energy for All; and Jonathan Pershing, US Special Envoy for Climate Change. Nearly 350 people attended the opening ceremony.

A greener, healthier and more sustainable future relies on the use of copper. Much of ICA’s work advances the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, which provide a 15-year framework for addressing humanity’s most critical issues.

ICA is a proud partner of United for Efficiency, which works under the umbrella of the U.N.s’ Sustainable Energy for All initiative. Information about ICA’s focus on the SDGs can be found at, a website focused on copper and the environment.