Copper and the Home 2018 Design Competition

Copper and the Home is a competition that challenges the minds of young designers, architects, engineers and students from all over the world to explore and harness the properties of copper, highlighting the beauty and versatility of a fascinating, multifaceted material, which can add both aesthetic and technical value to the most daring projects.

This year, it especially celebrates the contributions copper can make to a sustainable future.

Copper and the Home invites creative minds to design objects that combine function and splendour, highlighting and harnessing the properties of copper, from electrical and thermal conductivity, hardness, strength and ductility to its recyclability and long-treasured beauty.

Beyond that, its ability to alloy with a wide range of metals opens the doors to a world of brass, bronze, cupronickel and other alloys.

Who can participate

The competition is open to all those born after 31 October 1978 and features two categories:

  • Designers, architects, engineers—participating individually or in a group—as well as graduated employees working in these fields.
  • Individual students, or groups, enrolled in a higher education school of interior design or interior decorating, attending faculties of architecture, engineering or interior design, undertaking doctorates, masters or equivalent courses, and with the coordination of at least one course teacher who will sign a participant’s written certification.

Closing date for entries: 31 October  2018.

The Jury

The Jury will be composed of three professionals in the field of architecture and design:

  • Massimo Curzi – Architect
  • Matteo Ragni – Designer
  • Marco Romanelli – Architect and Critic

Click here to download the full competition details. You can also download Form A1 and Form A2.