Free Science Education Resources

Free Science Education Resources

Copper Development Association has launched a collection of free resources spanning Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Divided into content for ages 11–14, 14–16 and 16–18, the resources have been developed in conjunction with, and reviewed by teachers for the national curriculum. They are available online and as printable PDF downloads for offline use.

Based around copper, the resources include general topics introducing the metal’s properties and applications – including coinage and sculpture – its historical roles and its modern recycling and long-term availability.

Biology resources cover copper as an essential trace element, with a focus on haemocyanin, its uses in the human body, copper alloys in aquaculture and the metal’s inherent hygienic properties that are being harnessed in hospitals, schools and public spaces.

Chemistry resources address copper mining and extraction (sulfide and oxide ores) and copper’s reactivity.

Physics resources include electromagnets, electric motors, density and resistivity of copper, an in-depth exploration of copper and electricity and a look at copper in wind power.

Each resource includes questions to test understanding and many offer classroom or homework activities. Some extension materials are also included.

To access the resources, and download section as PDF bundles, visit

About CDA

Copper Development Association is a non-profit organisation that promotes and supports the use of copper based on its superior technical performance and its contribution to a higher quality of life. Its services, which include the provision of technical advice and information, are available to those interested in the utilisation of copper and copper alloys in all their aspects. The Association also provides a link between research and the user industries, and is part of an international network of trade associations: Copper Alliance.