International Conference on Application and Use of Copper Materials – Platform for Industry and Science

More than 100 participants from all over the world were testament to the successful launch and the future establishment of Copper Alloys as a biennial conference providing a forum for the exchange of expertise on copper materials.

In cooperation with the Swedish institute Swerea KIMAB, the German Copper Institute hosted this inaugural international congress for copper processing companies, universities and research institutions, presenting the latest scientific and technical developments around the use of copper materials. The event was held in Milan, 11-12th April 2018.

Due to its excellent mechanical, physical and chemical properties, copper has a broad field of application and, thanks to its versatile alloying possibilities, can be optimised with other elements for numerous technical requirements. It is not surprising that copper materials are used in many innovative industrial applications such as electromobility or the miniaturisation of components. By using them, processes can often be made more cost-effective, minimising the impact on the environment, reducing energy consumption, or improving design.

Copper Alloys 2018 included topics such as new manufacturing processes and innovative material design as well as the advantages of the good corrosion properties and processability of copper materials in various applications. Ecological aspects, such as the exemplary recyclability of copper materials and the associated sustainable conservation of resources were highlighted.

More than 30 speakers from renowned research institutions such as Fraunhofer and the Institute for Corrosion Protection presented their latest research as well as representatives from the Universities of Athens (GR), Vancouver (CAN), Ufa (RUS), Lund (S), Rouen (FR), Genoa, Brescia and Milan (It) as well as the University of Saarbrücken and the RWTH Aachen. The scientific lectures were supplemented by contributions covering the industrial application of copper materials. Various workshops provided a platform for an active exchange between participants and experts from 15 countries worldwide.

Michael Sander, Managing Director of the German Copper Institute: “In our opinion, Copper Alloys 2018 has provided a comprehensive overview of current challenges and developments in the copper industry. For the first time, cooperation with the Swedish institute SWEREA has opened up the possibility to realise such a conference on an international level. The excellent response from both academia and industry has confirmed that we have created an event to fill a much-needed gap. “

It is planned to position “Copper Alloys” as an extended platform that will enable all of the copper-related industrial and research landscape to come together for application-oriented exchange of expertise at international level, thus helping to shape the future of the technological world. The next conference is expected to take place in Germany in 2020.

Detailed information about the conference can be found on the website