The International Copper and the Home 2016 Design Competition Launches

The International Copper and the Home 2016 Design Competition Launches

Young designers and students will compete on the conception and design of objects and furniture made from copper and its alloys, testing new aesthetic and functional applications.

The Italian Copper Institute has launched the 6th International Copper and the Home competition.

Created to demonstrate the endless expressive potential of copper in innovative and unconventional ways, the competition features two distinct categories:

  • Professional designers and architects
  • Students in schools for graphics, decoration, design, faculties of architecture or design, at doctoral, degree and masters level.

The competition is deliberately restricted to young people, which is why an age limit of under 40 years has been imposed.

The deadline for submission of entries is 30 September 2016

Previous editions have showed many examples of the creative enthusiasm of young people and a remarkable spirit in design innovation, transforming apparently traditional and everyday objects thanks to new design concepts.

Once again, the competition is ready to gather hundreds of new, curious, unusual or revolutionary ideas, from lighting to vases, tables, seats and interior decorations, interior walls, floors, radiators, handles and so on. The absolute protagonist is copper, both pure and in its alloyed forms, such as bronze and brass, or together with various other materials.

Projects will be appraised by a careful and qualified jury composed of three professionals in the fields of architecture and design:

  • Designer Philippe Bestenheider
  • Architect and designer Diego Grandi
  • Architect and design critic Marco Romanelli.
    The following prizes are being offered:

Designers and Architects:

  • 1st Prize: €4,000
  • 2nd Prize: €2,500

Student Category:

  • Prize: €1,500

The 2016 edition is a confirmation of the cultural role of a competition that aims to celebrate and display in the design sector the constructional and ornamental properties of copper. Its excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, malleability, resilience and ductility will be on show, in addition to its hygeinic properties and its total and unlimited recyclability. These properties make it a material used more and more, due to continuous contribution in the field of environmental sustainability and energy saving.

Visit the competition page for more information and to download entry forms.

Note to Editors:

  • Click here to download the Rules for Submission (Authorisation Form, Teacher Declaration).
  • Click here to discover the web community of designers using copper.