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Copper Development Association provides an information service covering properties, applications, regulations, suppliers and markets for copper and copper alloys.

Using this online form will help us to answer your question more efficiently as it can easily be forwarded to the relevant copper network expert, who will then reply by email, or contact you otherwise to discuss the matter.  It is important to provide your full name, address and phone/email details.

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Below are some resources provided by the Copper Alliance that might help you.

Resource Library – the library of CDA publications and presentations.
FAQs – on alloys and applications.
Copper Key – for equivalents of copper alloys worldwide, their chemical compositions, material designation and national standards.
Copper Data Center – a searchable database of over 60,000 scientific abstracts from research papers related to the application of copper.
Copper Life Cycle Data – for up-to-date life cycle data on key copper products.
Kompass – for supplier listings.

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Please note:
If you are enquiring from the USA, please direct your question to Copper Development Association Inc in New York.