Competition 2018 Winners

2018 Schools ‘Uncover Copper’ Competition Winners

The 2018 Uncover Copper schools poster competition winners were selected from 770 entries from 70 schools across the UK and are showcased below.

Copper surrounds us. It’s in our phones and tablets, the walls of our houses, our hospitals and even inside our bodies, but we rarely notice it. This competition called on UK students to uncover copper, seeking it out in buildings, health and medicine, and new applications in renewable energy and sustainable transport systems.

Participants chose one of the three categories and designed a poster that answered the questions, exploring the red metal’s applications and the chemical, physical and mechanical properties behind its use.

  • Building Services: Where is copper used in our homes and schools? Think wiring and home automation, plumbing and sprinkler systems. Which properties of copper make it uniquely suited to these applications?
  • Health and Medicine: How is copper used in our bodies and in healthcare? Think dietary needs, hygienic touch surfaces and MRI machines. Why is copper essential for our health?
  • Renewable Energy and Transport: What contribution is copper making to a greener future? Think wind turbines, photovoltaics, solar thermal, wave and tidal. Think electric vehicles. What properties of copper make it beneficial in these applications?

Richard Needham Talks us Through the Winning Entries

Watch the videos to see what made the winning entries stand out, and see winners, runners up and highly commendeds below. Well done to all those you submitted an entry!

14-16 Age Group

11-14 Age Group


Winning Posters 11-14

Zena Samir, St Michael’s School

“This is a high-class poster which relates the chemical and physical properties of copper to how we use it in many different ways in our buildings.”

Roseanna Diwakar, Edgbaston High School for Girls

“This student did a great job of identifying the different uses of copper in our homes and made the timely point about sprinklers and fire safety in high rise buildings.”


Romilly Blitz, Channing School

“The graphics in this poster are outstanding. The design of a poster is just as important as the scientific content, and this has ticked both boxes.”


Monisha Tarini Premkumar, St Michael’s School

“The quality and depth of information in this poster is outstanding and it resembles an academic poster, with sources. As well as humans, the poster covers plants and animals. An outstanding entry.”


Eleanor Wigmore, Chiltern Edge School

“This is a very eye-catching design with high quality design work. The information is conveyed in very easy to understand language so this poster would have real impact on the casual reader.”

Kaitlin Riddle, Thomas Gainsborough School

“This poster has information laid out in a way that makes it easy to locate and understand. The layout is as important as the scientific content.”

Aditi Baskar, Edgbaston High School for Girls

“This student demonstrated a real passion for the environment and future supply of energy. The use of colour is outstanding, making a very attractive poster. It has stacks of information and is very nicely presented.”

Ashley Tan, Cheltenham Ladies College

“This poster has very good scientific information, supplemented with diagrams to explain different devices that rely on copper. The student clearly appreciates the importance of protecting our environment.”

Winning Posters 14-16

Hannah Lingard, Lady Eleanor Holles School

“This poster was selected as the winner due to its quality of design and the way it related a lot of detailed scientific information to the different uses of copper in buildings.”

Ella Lee, Colyton Grammar School

“This entry was chosen as the runner up due to its eye-catching design and the way in which it communicated a story effectively.”

Yilin Xu, UWC Atlantic College

“This eye-catching design received a Highly Commended due to its detailed information on copper roofing. If it had covered more applications, as suggested by the brief, then it could have been the winner.”

Zara Hussein, James Allen’s Girls School (JAGS)

“The designer of this poster has a very good eye for design and it’s easy to find the information presented. It has some good biology that explains copper’s influence on living things.”

Will Green, Cirencester Deer Park School

“This poster came a close second and the judges admired the unique approach telling the story of copper through the ages and leaving readers with the idea that copper has more to offer in the future. It’s nicely illustrated with good, easy to follow information and it includes scientific references.”

Krithika Manigandan, King Edward VI HSFG

“This poster contains some really detailed scientific information, demonstrating a good scientific knowledge and is very well illustrated.”

Marcelo Lejeune, UWC Atlantic College

“The judges liked the way this poster communicated an important message on what the future might hold for us and how copper might be used to improve the quality of our lives, without too much text.”

Ffion Morgan, Colyton Grammar School

“This poster has a layout which makes it very clear where to look for information and it communicates some really difficult scientific ideas.”