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Pub 156 - Copper Roofing - In Detail Web Page

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Technical information on designing and installing fully supported sheet copper roofing in accordance with current good practice. The details illustrated will meet most of the conditions likely to be encountered. If unusual design situations arise, the principles shown should help in devising a solution. 2002. 120pp.


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Cast and Wrought Aluminium Bronzes

This book, commissioned by CDA, updates information contained in the standard reference work by P J Macken and A A Smith, published in 1966. It contains valuable new material on the metallurgy of aluminium bronzes, the composition and manufacturing conditions required to ensure reliable corrosion resistance – also, alloying elements, physical properties, casting processes, properties of castings, manufacture and design of castings. 1999. 434pp.

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Copper in the Automotive Industry

A comprehensive source of information on the properties, production, processing and applications of copper and copper alloys, of interest to metallurgical, development, design and testing engineers in the automotive and other industries using copper.

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Copper Key

Online software giving chemical composition of copper alloys worldwide, their material designation and national standard. Automatically gives equivalent materials from international, European and other national standards and enables chemical compositions to be compared (on the German Copper Centre site).

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Pub 22 Copper for Busbars - Guidance for Design and Installation Web Page

First issued in 1936, in this new edition of our long-standing busbar design guide – Copper for Busbars – the calculation of current-carrying capacity has been greatly simplified by the provision of exact formulae for some common busbar configurations and graphical methods for others.

Other sections have been updated and modified to reflect current practice. 2014. 103 pp.

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