BS EN and BS Standards Comparison for Copper and Copper Alloys

The table below gives the BS EN copper standards for coppers and copper alloys and the nearest old BS equivalents for comparison.

Copper alloy material designations only denote a composition until they are specified within a manufacturing standard such as those listed below. These standards cover many industrial areas and applications and give guidance on manufacturing methods, mechanical property requirements, testing methods and physical details.

The current EN Standards—adopted as BS ENs by British Standards Institution—have been classified into a number of categories for ease of use with groups such as unwrought products or rod bar and wire to forgings and fittings or rolled flat product.

The left hand column below gives the current BS EN designation available, while the right hand column gives the closest withdrawn British Standard (BS), to assist when converting from older information and data.

For full details of products and mechanical properties, refer to the full standard documents obtainable from British Standards Institution. Click on the links to go to the BSI shop to purchase the full standards. Note that titles of the product standards are all preceded by “Copper and copper alloys”.

BS EN Number Title Old BS Equivalent
Compositions and Products
PD CEN/TS 13388:2015 Compendium of compositions and products
Unwrought Products
BS EN 1976:2012 Cast unwrought copper products 6017
BS EN 1977:2013 Copper drawing stock (wire rod) 6926
BS EN 1978:1998 Copper cathodes 6017
BS EN 1981:2003 Master alloys
BS EN 1982:2017 Ingots and castings 1400
Rolled Flat Products
BS EN 1172:2011 Sheet and strip for building purposes 2870
BS EN 1652:1998 Plate, sheet, strip and circles for general purposes 2870, 2875
BS EN 1653:1998 Plate, sheet and circles for boilers, pressure vessels and hot water storage units 2870, 2875
BS EN 1654:1998 Strip for springs and connectors 2870
BS EN 1758:1998 Strip for lead frames
BS EN 13148:2010 Hot dip tinned strip
BS EN 14436:2004 Electrolytically tinned strip
BS EN 1057:2010 Seamless, round tubes for water and gas in sanitary and heating applications 2871 Pt 1
BS EN 12449:2016 Seamless, round tubes for general purposes 2871 Pt 2
BS EN 12450:2012 Seamless, round copper capillary tubes
BS EN 12451:2012 Seamless, round tubes for heat exchangers 2871 Pt 3
BS EN 12452:2012 Rolled, finned, seamless tubes for heat exchangers
BS EN 12735-1:2016 Seamless round tubes for air conditioning and refrigeration
Part 1: Tubes for piping systems
BS EN 12735-2:2016 Seamless round tubes for air conditioning and refrigeration
Part 2: Tubes for equipment
BS EN 13348:2016 Seamless, round copper tubes for medical gases or vacuum
BS EN 13349:2002 Pre-insulated copper tubes with solid covering
Rod/Bar, Wire, Profiles
BS EN 12163:2016 Rod for general purposes 2874
BS EN 12164:2016 Rod for free machining purposes 2874
BS EN 12165:2016 Wrought and unwrought forging stock 2872
BS EN 12166:2016 Wire for general purposes 2873
BS EN 12167:2016 Profiles and bars for general purposes 2874
BS EN 12168:2016 Hollow rod for free machining purposes
BS EN 13347:2002 Rod and wire for welding and braze welding 1453, 1845, 2901
Electrical Purposes
BS EN 13599:2014 Copper plate, sheet and strip for electrical purposes 4608
BS EN 13600:2013 Seamless copper tubes for electrical purposes 1977
BS EN 13601:2013 Copper rod, bar and wire for general electrical purposes 1433, 1432, 4109
BS EN 13602:2013 Drawn, round copper wire for the manufacture of electrical conductors 4109
BS EN 13604:2013 Semiconductor devices, electronic and vacuum products made from high conductivity copper 3839
BS EN 13605:2013 Copper profiles and profiled wire for electrical purposes
BS EN 50149:2012 Railway applications. Fixed installations. Electric traction. Copper and copper alloy grooved contact wires 23
BS EN 60317-0-1:2014 Specifications for particular types of winding wires. General requirements. Enamelled round copper wire 6811
BS EN 1254-1:1998 Plumbing fittings. Fittings with ends for capillary soldering or capillary brazing to copper tubes 864
BS EN 1254-2:1998 Plumbing fittings. Fittings with compression ends for use with copper tubes 864
BS EN 1254-3:1998 Plumbing fittings. Fittings with compression ends for use with plastics pipes 864
BS EN 1254-4:1998 Plumbing fittings. Fittings combining other end connections with capillary or compression ends 864
BS EN 1254-5:1998 Plumbing fittings. Fittings with short ends for capillary brazing to copper tubes 864
BS EN 1254-6:2012 Plumbing fittings. Fittings with push-fit ends
BS EN 1254-8:2012 Plumbing fittings. Fittings with press ends for use with plastics and multilayer pipes
BS 8537:2010 Plumbing fittings. Specification for press ends of plumbing fittings for use with metallic tubes
BS EN 12420:2014 Forgings 2872
BS EN 1412:2016 European numbering system
BS EN 1173:2008 Material condition designation
BS EN 1655:1997 Declarations of conformity
BS EN 10204:2004 Metallic products—types of inspection documents
BS EN 12861:2018 Scrap