Wrought and Unwrought Coppers—BS EN Material Designations and Old BS Equivalents

This table shows the BS EN material designations for the different grades of wrought copper, and their equivalent old BS material designation. The types of copper are oxygen free, tough pitch and phosphorus deoxidised, all of which may be alloyed with small amounts of silver which increases the temperature resistance.

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EN Material Designation Nearest Old BS Equivalent
Number Symbol
Wrought Unwrought Wrought Unwrought
Copper Cathode
CR001A Cu-CATH-1 Cu-CATH-1
CR002A Cu-CATH-2 Cu-CATH-2
Coppers ex Cu-CATH-1
CW003A CR003A Cu-ETP1 C100
CW007A CR007A Cu-OF1
CW009A CR009A Cu-OFE C110 Cu-OFE
Other Unalloyed Coppers
CW004A CR004A Cu-ETP C101 Cu-ETP-2
CW005A CR005A Cu-FRHC C102 Cu-FRHC
CW006A CR006A Cu-FRTP C104 Cu-FRTP
CW008A CR008A Cu-OF C103 Cu-OF
C105 Cu-AS
Phosphorus-containing Coppers
CW020A CR020A Cu-PHC
CW021A CR021A Cu-HCP
CW023A CR023A Cu-DLP
CW024A CR024A Cu-DHP C106 Cu-DHP
C107 Cu-AsP
Silver-bearing Coppers
Tough Pitch
CW011A CR011A CuAg0.04 C101 Cu-Ag-2
CW012A CR012A CuAg0.07 C101 Cu-Ag-3
CW013A CR013A CuAg0.10 C101 Cu-Ag-4
Phosphorus Deoxidised
CW014A CR014A CuAg0.04P
CW015A CR015A CuAg0.07P
CW016A CR016A CuAg0.10P
Oxygen Free
CW017A CR017A CuAg0.04(OF) C103 Cu-Ag-OF2
CW018A CR018A CuAg0.07(OF)
CW019A CR019A CuAg0.10(OF) C103 Cu-Ag-OF4