Wrought and Unwrought Coppers—Product Standards

Wrought and unwrought coppers product standards cover the available grades of copper materials, with different properties, to suit different applications. These European Standards (EN) cover different product forms (e.g. tube, wire, rod) and define compositions, property requirements, tolerances, sampling procedures, conformity verification test methods and delivery conditions. The applicable standards for wrought and unwrought coppers are given in the two tables below, one for electrical and one for non-electrical applications.

The materials are ordered by description and EN number. The material conditions defined by the standards are given and—where mandatory—this is indicated. The appropriate product standard should be consulted for detailed information on properties and ordering. Visit our page with details of standards and links to the BSI shop.

Compositions, typical properties and uses of wrought and unwrought coppers are provided elsewhere.

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Wrought and Unwrought Coppers For Electrical Purposes

DescriptionEN Number (Wrought)EN Number (Unwrought)EN Symbol1977 Copper Drawing Stock (Wire Rod)13599 Copper Plate, Sheet, Strip13600 Seamless Copper Tubes13601 Copper Rod, Bar, Wire13602 Drawn Round Copper Wire13604 Semi-Conductor13605 Copper Profiles
Coppers ex Cu-CATH-1CW003ACR003ACu-ETP1SV---ARV-DHR
Coppers ex Cu-CATH-1CW007ACR007ACu-OF1EV---ARV-DEHR
Other Unalloyed CoppersCW004ACR004ACu-ETPVHMRDHRDHRARV-DHR
Phosphorus-containing CoppersCW020ACR020ACu-PHCEVEHMRDEHRDEHR--DEHR
Phosphorus-containing CoppersCW021ACR021ACu-HCPEVEHMRDEHRDEHR--DEHR
Silver-bearing CoppersCW011ACR011ACuAg0.04EV--DHR--DHR
Silver-bearing CoppersCW012ACR012ACuAg0.07EV--DHR--DHR
Silver-bearing CoppersCW013ACR013ACuAg0.10EVHMRDRHDHR--DHR
Silver-bearing CoppersCW014ACR014ACuAg0.04PEV--DEHR--DEHR
Silver-bearing CoppersCW015ACR015ACuAg0.07PEV--DEHR--DEHR
Silver-bearing CoppersCW016ACR016ACuAg0.10PEVEHMRDEHRDEHR--DEHR
Silver-bearing CoppersCW017ACR017ACuAg0.04(OF)EV--DEHR--DEHR
Silver-bearing CoppersCW018ACR018ACuAg0.07(OF)EV--DEHR--DEHR
Silver-bearing CoppersCW019ACR019ACuAg0.10(OF)EVEHMRDEHRDEHR--DEHR
Wrought and Unwrought Coppers For Electrical Purposescopperalliance.org.uk

Table Notes:
A – mandatory elongation
D – cold worked
E – mandatory hydrogen embrittlement test
H – mandatory hardness
M – as manufactured
R – mandatory tensile strength
S – spiral elongation test
V – volume resistivity test

Wrought and Unwrought Coppers For Non-electrical Purposes

DescriptionEN Number (Wrought)EN Number (Unwrought)EN Symbol1652 Plate, Strip, Sheet, Circles
For general purposes
1653 Plate, Sheet, Circles
For boilers, pressure vessels and hot water storage units
1758 Strip for Lead Frames12165 Forging Stock12449 Tubes
For general purposes
12451 Tubes for Heat Exchangers12452 Finned Tubes for Heat Exchangers
Other Unalloyed CoppersCW004ACR004ACu-ETPHR--HMHMR--
Other Unalloyed CoppersCW005ACR005ACu-FRHC----HMR--
Other Unalloyed CoppersCW008ACR008ACu-OFHR--HMHMR--
Other Unalloyed CoppersCW006ACR006ACu-FRTPHR------
Phosphorus-containing CoppersCW020ACR020ACu-PHC----HMR--
Phosphorus-containing CoppersCW021ACR021ACu-HCP---HMHMR--
Phosphorus-containing CoppersCW023ACR023ACu-DLPHRRHR----
Phosphorus-containing CoppersCW024ACR024ACu-DHPHRR-HMHMRHRHR
Wrought and Unwrought Coppers For Non-electrical Purposescopperalliance.org.uk

Table Notes:
Unwrought coppers in EN 1976 Cast Unwrought Copper Products and EN 1978 Copper Cathodes

1652 and 12449 Tubes are for general purposes.
1653 is for boilers, pressure vessels, and hot water storage units.

H – mandatory hardness
M – as manufactured
R – mandatory tensile strength