Strong Corrosion Performance of Copper Alloys Highlighted at Marine Conference

Strong Corrosion Performance of Copper Alloys Highlighted at Marine Conference

Copper Development Association will make an invited presentation—Metals in Marine Environments: Corrosion Behaviour and How to Spot It—to the International Institute of Marine Surveying at this year’s Seawork International Show and Conference, with a focus on the strong contribution copper alloys can make to marine engineering.

Despite rusting, steel remains the most widely-used engineering metal in the offshore, marine and maritime sectors. Specialist alloys are often chosen for economically important or safety critical applications, and it pays to understand that even these have their limits and particular strengths.

Copper alloys—such as copper-nickels and nickel aluminium bronzes—see wide use in sectors including marine, oil and gas, offshore renewables and thermal desalination plants. Their high corrosion, durability and low susceptibility to the attachment of marine organisms means they are commonly used for piping, valves, pumps and heat exchanger tubing.

CDA’s presentation will highlight the benefits of copper alloys under marine conditions, where other materials have problems, and the growing complexity of corrosion issues. Whilst considered  traditional materials, these alloys have been improved over recent years as a result of better understanding and more demanding service requirements, and the presentation will provide the latest picture of these developments.

Seawork International is Europe’s largest commercial workboat show and conference. Taking place 13–15 June, it offers a one-stop shop for the commercial marine sector, providing a unique opportunity to see the latest solutions for businesses in the commercial marine industry all in one place.

Visit for more information on copper-nickels, with a focus on their use in the marine environment.

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